Consulting For Etsy ExperTS

Limited Spots Available

If you are an established Etsy Shop and want to grow your Etsy Shop to new heights and move towards selling on Etsy full time, this Etsy Critique is the perfect first step to help you move in that direction. 

'Etsy Experts' are Etsy Sellers who have at least 500 Etsy Sales on a single Etsy Shop.

To get started, fill out the following form to apply.

How the Etsy Experts Consultation works.

  • After you fill out the following form, I will quickly review your Etsy Shop and make initial recommendations for your Shop based.  
  • If your current Etsy Shop has a lot of potential for growth, you will be approved to move forward into our "Etsy Experts" program.
  • If you choose to move forward with 'Etsy Experts', you'll then be part of our Etsy Experts team where you will have access to questions in the future about how to grow your Etsy Business even more, and collaborate with other top Etsy Sellers on a regular basis, in addition to a one-time Etsy Consultation.
  • There is a one-time cost for the Etsy Experts program, which expires in 1 year.