Why Does Etsy Keep Changing Their Algorithms?

This is a common Etsy Seller question: Why do Etsy's Algorithms change so much?

There is a lot of talk about how Etsy changes it's Algorithms all the time.

After reviewing data on the 6 different shops we have on Etsy, I do believe that Etsy does a crazy amount of changes to its Algorithms, some times on a daily basis, and often times with the strangest and illogical results.

It seems as though they are frantically testing out new ideas on how to organize search results in order to increase the overall sales on Etsy in general, but not necessarily your own Etsy Shop specifically.

This means that good Etsy Sellers that have a track-record of doing well on Etsy can easily be hurt by these rapid changes in Algorithms.

That's why it is so important to have a long-term plan of building businesses on Etsy but then thinking about how to start your own website, collect email addresses, do other marketing online and so on.

What can you do about Etsy's Algorithm changes?

Honestly, not a lot. You are on Etsy's platform, and it's their choice to make changes. While I find Google's SEO changes logical, Etsy doesn't seem to have the same levelheaded approach to showing search results in a methodical way. 

What should you do instead?

First, focus on making great products for your customers, and pairing them with practical keywords. There is still a lot of opportunity to use Etsy as a place to prove your business concept and hit your first 1000 Sales. Once you hit 1000 Sales, you can start thinking about building a website & doing other online marketing to grow your business on your own terms, with more control. 

But until you get to reaching 1000 Etsy Sales, just know that you are at the whim of Etsy making lots of changes to their search result systems, and that the future of your own business is in your hands. Continue to learn about business principles, and educate yourself as much as possible so that your income doesn't solely rely on Etsy. 

Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer