When Should You Start Building Your Own Website For Your Etsy Shop?

What is great about Etsy is that it gives you a fast way to build your brand, get customers, and figure out what sells. We have over 22,000 Customers on Etsy for Melinda Wood Designs, and about 6,000 Customers for JPW Design Studio, and about 1,000 Customers for our high-end artwork on Etsy. So we have a place to start and data to work off of to build a website and online marketing for our Etsy Business.

Starting your own website only makes sense if you can calculate the costs ahead of time and ensure that it will be a good use of time and money. Typically, I only recommend that Etsy Sellers start building their brand with a website, email marketing, SEO, blogging & social media only once they have 1,000 to 2,000 customers from Etsy. That's a good indication that your Etsy Shop is successful, and you can take it off Etsy or build elsewhere. 

Put together a plan. 

Don't start wasting time until you can reasonably estimate that building a bigger business is feasible. You need a way to scale, grow your business, find more customers, perfect your process, and work on a customer service and marketing plan. Put it together all on paper first before you even think about designing a website for yourself. 

Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer