What Should I Do When An Etsy Customers Doesn't Receive Their Item In The Mail?

Recently an Etsy Seller asked:

"What should I do when an Physical Item has not been received in the mail by a customer? What do you do if the customer doesn't want to pay for tracking but the item hasn't been delivered and should have arrived by now?"

First I check with the Post Office to see if there was an issue. If the Post Office lost it, then I send the customer the same item for free right away. Everyone these days is now more used to free shipping & free returns with companies like Amazon Prime. So to provide high quality customer service, you must be willing to reship items for free. That's why it is important to pay a little extra to ensure the item gets there quickly and on time, and with insurance.  You want to maintain a 5-star review, and it's super important to provide good customer service all the way until the customer receives the item and even beyond that. We've sold thousands of physical items on Etsy, and the only time we have had issues with getting the items to arrive on time and without being lost, is when we used the United States Postal Service. Their service is extremely unreliable and they have no accountability since they are a government-run business. So I highly recommend using a slightly more expensive, private-company alternative, like FedEx or UPS. I'm unsure how other companies work outside of the United States, but do your homework on the best shipping company available. Usually, once an item leaves the U.S. it is then passed on to another company within the new country it is being sent to. 


"How do I deal with an angry customer that is not happy with their order once they receive it in the mail?"

For physical items, we have had a handful of unhappy customers. Even though it costs us extra money to fix the problems, it is absolutely crucial to do so in order to maintain a 5-Star rating on your Etsy Shop. What we do is either offer a refund, or reship the item and fix the issue, or give them a 2nd item for free. And we fix the issue as quickly as possible Only about 1% of customers complain about items. And most of the time, they do not want a refund, they want the problem fixed. Sometimes, when the customers complains, or leaves a 1-star review, the customer won't even get back to you because they are too upset. What we do in this case is overnight ship a fixed item to them, even if they don't say anything. Almost always, the customer is so surprised and so happy, that they change their review to a 5-Star review almost immediately. So don't wait to hear back from the customer on "Why" they were unhappy with their order. Just fix it ASAP. This is crucial to continue to get more sales on Etsy, no matter what you sell. 

Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer