What Is Preventing You From Starting Your Own Business?

Every first-time business owner has huge set backs when starting their own business for the first time. 

Everything from big corporations, to bad college courses, to even lack of support from friends, family and community can set you back from reaching your dreams of owning your own business. 

Etsy has always been a place where individuals can test out their own ideas of starting a small business. But, today, Etsy, Inc. focuses on being yet another big corporation that puts their own interests and their investor's interests ahead of their own community of small business dreamers, designers, artists and vintage sellers. 

What is setting you back from reaching your own goals as a small business owner?

  • Are large corporations dominating your industry making it hard for you to get started? 
  • Maybe steep government regulations are making it impossible to open a shop or get the proper paperwork approved?
  • Has your high school or college degree failed to educate you on how to be your own business person? 
  • Or have friends & family said it was too risky to pursue your own business dreams, and that keeping your day job or staying in the family business was safer? 

There are so many things in our culture that prevent us from pursuing the goals we dream to achieve. 

What is holding you back from starting your own business or etsy shop?

Share your comments below.

Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer