The 4 Best Techniques To Get Etsy Sales Through Customer Service

One thing I've learned over and over about Etsy is that real Etsy Customers want to hear from the real owner of an Etsy Shop. They don't want a canned or brief response. They want to hear from you, your personality, your ideas, your enthusiasm, and your help. 

I've learned this many times from personal experience. Sometimes when I'm busy and I have too much going on, I just copy and paste a response to a potential customers. But Etsy Customers can tell when this happens. They get the feeling that you just don't care about answering their question. And then they move on and find some other Etsy shop to buy from.

But when I take the time to ask Etsy Customers questions, what they're looking for, what they like, and what I can do to help them out, it almost always leads to the sale. Etsy Customers want to feel like they are part of your brand. So treat them like they're a friend in need of help. A lot of Etsy Customers will ask for advice, opinions, or ask about a custom order, or want clarification on your items. Always be willing to answer questions in a personalize and unique way each time.

So here are some new Customer Service techniques I've learned that I have not shared before:

1. Almost never write someone on Etsy a pre-written response. Always write something from scratch, and don't worry about it being perfect. Etsy Customers want to hear from the real you! Not a robot. Sometimes a couple spelling errors can be okay because feels more real. Exclamation points and smily faces are okay too :)

2. Ask the customer questions about their project or personal life. If you sell jewelry, ask your customer what they want to pair it with, or what they plan on wearing it with or what kind of outing they'll be wearing it at. Almost every customer on Etsy loves to share their story. And every Etsy Customer has a creative idea or reason why they're buying on Etsy. They want to find something totally unique they cannot find anywhere else. To them, it's a creative process, so listen to them and be a part of their creative process.

3. Expect to write about 3-4 messages with an Etsy customer before they make a purchase. If you try to sell to them right away after they get in touch with you, they'll be gone in a flash. Take your time and get to know them a little. But don't take forever to respond. The faster you can write a customer back, the more likely they'll buy. Just don't be pushy to make the sale right away.

4. When it seems like the customer is ready to buy, then you can ask for the sale. This part is really important, because sometimes customers want to be "invited" to purchase from you once you've answered all their questions. So make sure to say something like "Let me know if you have any other questions, or if you'd be interested in this item. I'd love to help out in any other way I can. Otherwise, whenever you are ready to order, I will always be here to answer any other questions!."  This way, you're asking for the sale without being super pushy. 

So learn from my mistakes. Don't be too pushy or too lenient when trying to talk with customers on Etsy. Instead, remember that Etsy is a personalized marketplace of creative and unique things, and that Etsy customers are very excited to buy from you!  So be excited with them!

Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer