Starting Your Own Business From Home

The biggest setback I typically get from my clients when they are starting a business is the fear of getting their work in front of other people. My clients will hold off as much as possible from launching their website until everything is "perfect." 

Get your rough website up as quickly as possible, get it in front of people, try to capture leads - even before you have a product or service available. Getting your work in front of prospective clients will push you to start your business much more quickly than if you just "keep it to yourself" and wait until everything is just right.  

Try to get your website launched in just 1 day, then start posting it around the internet to get  your first leads. Make sure your website as a clear Call To Action to capture email addresses, customer questions, and inquiries, such as "Get a Free Consultation Today" or "Get Pricing" or something that will motivate them to take action. 

The first business I started was a private in-home bartending business in 2010. I took a 3-day class on how to bartend, then half way through the class I built a website in 1 evening, posted on Craigslist, and got my very first client the following morning after a phone call. If you don't get a working model of your website live asap, then your business will stagnate.  If you ask too many other people for their advice on what to do, and what do you think of this or that, then you're just wasting time not taking action on building your business.

Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer