Getting Your Etsy Shop Established

Here are 3 Steps to help you get started, making items, and getting sales.

Step 1 - Make 1 Product
The most important thing you can do for your Etsy shop is get started today, even if it is just 1 item. 

We have managed and worked with over 400 clients in the past 6 years. One of the biggest set backs that most business owners have is that they are afraid to put out their products early. They want everything to be as perfect as possible before anyone sees the items.

The problem with being a perfectionist, is that your business never grows, and your ideas just stay in your head. The most important thing you can do to grow your business is to get customer feedback as soon as possible, so that you can develop your products into something that people want to buy. And they only way to do that is to get your products visible in the market place as soon as possible. 

So just start out with 1 product as soon as possible, and get it live on your Etsy shop. Most likely, no one will buy that product. But you need to take that first step.


Step 2 - Make 24 Products, Build Keywords, Talk to Customers
Once you have gotten past setting up your shop and getting one item up, it's time to start building your shop to somewhere between 24 and 48 products (basically, 1 to 2 Etsy pages full of your Items).  You don't want to make more than 48 items when you are first starting out, because you need to test your ideas and products before making too much. You also want to test your keywords, your shipping prices, shopping polices, and Item Details to make sure everything is working.  Spend the time each day to make 1 new product, if possible, so that you have at least 24 Items.  Don't rush it. Take the time to think it through and watch your Etsy Stats, Keywords, Favorites, and Etsy Conversations.


Step 3 - Try to get Sales
Do not wait until you have 24 products to make a sale. Try to get a sale immediately. There are many ways to get a Sale on Etsy early, and you have to be willing to build up sales to 200 Sales about 20 five-star reviews to establish yourself as a credible Etsy Shop. Here are ways to help kickstart your shop:

  • Lower your prices temporarily for new products, to see if people even want them
  • Offer coupon code incentives
  • Talk to people who "Favorite" your items and see what they think, & offer coupons
  • Get your shipping costs as low as possible
  • Offer "free returns and free shipping" to lower the risk your customers are taking
  • Improve your keywords so that you get more shop visibility
  • Improve your item descriptions and photography
  • Always get back to customer inquiries as soon as possible
  • Always take great care of your customers. You absolutely must have five-star reviews.

Focus on these three steps.  Keep your products under 48 items until you get 200 sales, and get as many five-star reviews as possible. Once you reach that goal, you can start to relax a bit and grow into the next phase of your shop.

Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer