Should I Use Etsy Forums?

If you're just getting started on Etsy, there is often a temptation to sit on their forums and talk with other sellers to see how they're doing. But there are major problems with doing this if you want to grow you Etsy Shop and work towards eventually leaving your day job to run your own business:

  1. Most people on the Etsy Forums are not experienced sellers. They might have 200 Sales in the last 2 years, but most are hobbyists. If you're getting advice from hobbyists, you'll simply stay as an Hobby Shop, and not a business. Listen to and learn from people who are successful on Etsy that can show you the right pathway forwards.
  2. Most people on Etsy Forums discuss silly things and complain, such as "Why am I not getting any Sales" or other discussions which drag your focus down and blame your failures solely on Etsy, without taking responsibility for your own problems. For instance, you must sell things that people want to buy, instead of make things that only you like. And you need to understand how Etsy Keywords work. 
  3. Etsy Forums aren't focused clearly on topics, and are not moderated. So the information is jumbled and confusing. It doesn't help you find important information you really need to know in order to grow your business.

Start learning how to grow your Etsy Shop and plan to leave your day job.

Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer