Should I Sell Physical Items & Digital Items In The Same Etsy Shop?

Etsy Seller Question:
Have you found a good way to incorporate printed art listings in with your printable listings? Is it better to have an add-on, separate listings, custom request or a different store all together? I'd like to be able to offer both options but don't want to confuse customers or make it hard to purchase.

I have seen Etsy Shops do it both ways. I've tested this out numerous times on Melinda Wood Designs, and most of the time, you are selling to 2 totally different customer profiles.  Printable Art customers want affordable, DIY options.  And Physical Art customers want to pay extra so that they don't have to do anything except wait for the item in the mail. Physical Art customers also want to have access to higher quality materials instead of figure out how to print something on their own.

My suggestion is to test it out on your Etsy Shop both ways. I have seen some successful Etsy Shops sell a very even mixture of Physical & Printable items all mixed together. Personally, I find mixing the two very confusing unless you make it really obvious from your Photos that this is a "Physical Print" and other items are "Digital Prints." 

For our own shop, mixing in Physical Prints has not worked out that well.  Instead, we have a "Print & Ship Service" listing which has been the most effective. Physical Prints only account for about 5% of our sales, so it's not a huge opportunity for us right now.  The main thing I recommend is to test out both options, and record your results, the move towards the option that seems to make the most money for you.  Every Etsy Shop is different and will have their own results after the test this out. Also, having a single "Print & Ship" option as a Section/Category or as a "Featured Item" is going to be the fastest and easiest way to get this up on your shop, instead of creating a bunch of new individual listings. At the very least, this can help you get started by just having one "Print & Ship" option.

Also, to answer your question about having a 2nd Etsy Shop, I always advise Etsy Sellers to avoid having a 2nd Shop until they are really happy with how much income they are getting out of their first Etsy Shop. If you feel like you have made a ton of money on Etsy and understand everything that goes into running a successful Etsy Shop, with thousands of Sales, then I think it's okay to think about 2 Etsy Shops at that point. But until then, I highly recommend that you focus mastering your skills on a single Etsy Shop first. Otherwise, it's going to be too difficult to figure out everything, and then apply what you have learned to multiple Etsy Shops. Most likely, that's going to be a huge time waster, and only set you back.  I think that only once your Etsy shop hits 5,000 Sales would it be an okay time to start thinking about a 2nd Etsy Shop if you really, really want to do it. 

Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer