Should I Renew My Etsy Listings Or Let Them Expire?

I made a big mistake early on when we started to get success on Etsy. Within 12 months of selling on Etsy, we were making $7,000 in revenue per month selling mostly printable artwork. And we had roughly 300 Listings at the time. My thought was that if I just kept making more items, that we would bring in more revenue. So if I made 600 Listings, then maybe I could make $14,000 per month, and so on.

But as I continued to create more and more Listings on Etsy, I would also continue to renew all the expired listings that no one bought within 4 months. Etsy forces Listings that do not sell within 4 months to expire. 

The thing is that if not a single person wants to buy a certain item you make within 4 months, it likely means no one wants to buy it at all. That might not always be the case, but I would say somewhere around 80% of the time, it is best to allow old listings to expire if no one purchases that item within 4 months. 

When you allow items that do not sell to Expire, you can then spend time making brand new items that people actually want to buy. You'll build a reputation for making quality, relevant items, and stay high in Etsy Search results. Because the more and item sells, the more likely it will stay high in search results. 

This is one of the biggest mistakes we made early on, is not allowing bad items to expire. Today, we're having to rebrand and take the shop in a new direction and build items that people want to buy in December 2017 and January 2018. 


Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer