Should I Do My Own Marketing & Create A Website Even If I Sell On Etsy?

Here's a popular question from Etsy Sellers: Should I create my own website, even if I have an Etsy Shop? Should I do marketing other than Etsy Promoted Listings?

After selling for 4 years on Etsy successfully, I do believe it is a good idea to put on your "long term to-do list" and create your own business website and do marketing in areas other than Etsy, such as Social Media, SEO, Google Adwords, Facebook/Instagram Ads and other places.

However, I recommend you spend little to no money doing this, such as hiring a web designer or marketing consultant, because you'll have a lot of learning curves along the way and end up wasting a lot of money.

I personally like to "kickstart" a new business on Etsy, get about 1,000 Sales or so before building a website and doing other marketing. This way, I have proven my Etsy Shop business concept and can safely move forward building out my business in other places online.

Here is what you should plan to do if you're thinking about doing marketing & making a website for your Etsy Shop:

  1. Learn as much as you can about selling on Etsy first using Keywords & developing good products. This is the easiest way to get your first 200 Sales
  2. Then, start interviewing your customers about what kinds of new products to make, to learn how to create a great customer experience and use their feedback to grow your business and reach for 500 Sales.
  3. Once you're starting to get sales on a daily basis, start using Etsy Promoted Listings to boost your sales. Focus on perfecting your keywords & listings to reach 1000 Sales.
  4. Once you hit 1000 Sales, you've likely figured out a good business model and you can start creating a website. For small businesses, I recommend
  5. Start collecting email addresses to build an email list with so you can begin to practice weekly marketing and drive repeat business with your existing Etsy Customers.
  6. Use your email list to drive people back to your Website so you can practice to get sales on your Squarespace website, rather than solely through Etsy. 
  7. Continue to grow your website on places like Social Media, or Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads

This is a general answer, and not a specific answer for all Etsy Shops. You must be careful where you spend your time on your business and not waste it on things that wont pan out. First, figure out your business model and get to 1000 Sales on Etsy before you spread yourself too thin and work on a website & email list that may not be effective until you figure out how to make products that people will actually buy.

Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer