Rearranging Etsy Items

Probably the best new tool that Etsy has allowed with the new Shop Home page is the new Rearrange tool. 

Before, you could rearrange the order of your listings, but as soon as someone ordered a new design from your Shop, it would bump that item to your top. Pretty soon, within a few days, the organization of your Etsy Shop is a total mess again. 

With the new Rearrange tool, your efforts to optimize your Etsy Shop will pay off more in the long run. And this is a huge opportunity for Shops who take advantage of this and organize their shop properly.

I have already seen results from rearranging my Etsy Listings on the new Shop Home page, so I highly recommend doing this.  If you have just 100 items or less, you should be able to finish this in just a single day, and I would make it your top priority right now. If you have a lot of Etsy Listings like me (I have almost 900 Items), then it's going to take you a few days to get it done. 

When you are in Edit mode for your new shop home page, make sure to scroll down and click the "More Items" button several times so you can see a lot of listings. If you do not do this, then you can only rearrange the first 24 items. You might just want to start off with the first 100 items, since it will probably be overwhelming to organize all your listings at once.

Once you have a lot of listings visible, you can start clicking and dragging your listings around.  For the best Shop Optimization results, here is what I recommend doing:

  1. Organize your listings into groups of three, so that the page looks clean. You want to inspire customers to hopefully buy more than 1 item at a time. So make sure to pair items together that customers have previously purchased together.
  2. Arrange your items by combinations of Best Sellers & Trending items. Now that it is Spring and quickly heading into Summer, you want to showcase your best-selling seasonal items. Spring and Summer tend to overlap and flow into each other. So likely you will not have to rearrange much until about September when Fall items start to pick up. Otherwise, you might re-arrange parts of your new shop depending on new mini-trends that come up and you want to showcase your best-selling items of the month of April, May, June, etc. 
  3. Literally rearrange 100% of your Listings so that it looks perfect. This new format makes it much easier for customers to keep viewing all your products, because the entire page is not re-loading when they click "More items." This new format is probably going to help customers stay on your Home Page longer. The more inspiring and enjoyable you can make this new listings section, the more likely a customer will continue to stay on your Etsy Shop. 
  4. Continue to refine and improve. Possibly once per week, you are going to want to review and optimize this section further. As you get better and better at this, you are going to find ways to improve the organization, show the best products first, and place them in combinations which help you sell more items. This new tool is going to be incredibly valuable to help increase your sales, so put it on your calendar to update this at least once per week. 

Below is an example of the first few Items I've decided to feature on my new Etsy Shop. The geometric prints, tropical leaf art, Blue & Yellow Summer prints, and Navy Constellation prints have been doing pretty well lately. And now that they are clearly featured first, people are finding my trending/best-selling items much quicker, and buying them more often (and it has only been 24 hours since this new change), so I only see a huge opportunity for shops to take advantage of this new layout. The Etsy Shops that do not take advantage of this are simply not going to see improved results.

So get to it! And I hope this helps your Etsy Shop.

Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer