Your Problem On Etsy Is Not Views & Sales

Almost 100% of all Etsy Sellers I talk to say that their number one problem is that they do not have enough Views or Sales on Etsy. 

But if you are solely focused on getting more Views and Sales, then you are not focusing on the real problem.

There are two important things you must deal with first: 

  1. Have Better Products
  2. Have Better Keywords

You can not get sales on Etsy if you have lousy products. No one wants to buy stuff on Etsy that they don't like. So if your items are not likable, interesting, inspiring, useful, and practical, then no one will buy your stuff on Etsy.  Are you creating things that people like? Or are you just pounding out new ideas just to have more and more items on Etsy? 

The second problem is keywords. If your keywords are lousy, then no one can find your items on Etsy. The number one problem I keep seeing with Keywords on Etsy Shops is getting stuck in the same mindset over and over using the same keywords. If you can't come up with new keywords, then start using a Thesaurus to come up with new keywords. If you use the same keywords over and over, then your items will never get found on Etsy. 

Are you copying other people?  Or are you inspiring other people?
If your Etsy Shop is looking like everyone else's, and you are just doing what everyone else is doing, than why would someone buy from your Etsy Shop?  You need to inspire, create, and do things no one else is doing - all while creating things that people want. It's not an easy task, and you will learn how to get better as you keep practicing and creating. But you need to focus more on quality, creativity, and being inspirational. Combine that with good keywords, good listing descriptions, and optimizing your Etsy Shop. 

Once you can be both Practical & Inspiring at the same time, then your Etsy Views & Sales will follow. But if you just keep thinking only about getting more views and more sales, then you're not making room for creating Inspiring & Practical designs on Etsy.

Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer