Episode 1: Q&A with Etsy Sellers

Welcome to the first ever Etsy Essentials podcast. Lots of Etsy Sellers submitted questions, so I went over the most popular questions that everyone hand. I hope you learn some new things from this podcast.

How much time should I spend designing new products for my Etsy Shop?
It's really important to get your products to market as quickly as possible so that you can test the design on Etsy and start assigning it brand new Keywords. I recommend you spend no more than 20% of your time in your business creating and developing products. You need to spend other time on your business doing marketing, keywords, advertising, and many other areas to improve your business. So time management and getting things done quickly is very important. 

What should I do when someone is obviously copying or stealing my work on Etsy?
If someone on Etsy is clearly copying your work, your text and things on Etsy, and it would be very clear to anyone else that they are blatantly copying you, I recommend you report this to Etsy with the following link:

Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer