Letting Go Of Bad Etsy Designs

A common myth on Etsy is that in order to get lots of sales, you need to have lots of Listings. But this is not necessarily true. In fact, there are tons of shops on Etsy that have very few Listings but tons of sales. This is because developing quality designs that people want to buy is far more important than anything else when developing a business.

The problem with having too many Etsy Listings is that your good designs that people actually buy get buried within lots of poorly performing Listings. So instead of featuring and uplifting your best sellers, you bury them in hundreds or bad designs. And when you do this, you may actually be hindering your Etsy Sales growth by making it harder for people to find your bestsellers. This happens also when you clutter your keywords by using the same keywords over and over throughout multiple listings.

Instead of continually making more and more items on Etsy, trying to jam your Etsy Shop full of mediocre designs, focus instead on the ones that are doing well. Focus on developing new items with brand new keywords so that you can attract a broader range of customers to your Etsy Shop.

There are tons of shops on Etsy that have only 50 to 200 Listings, but have thousands of sales. This is primarily because they develop quality products that lots of people want to buy over and over again. It's only valuable to have huge amounts of listings on Etsy if every single one of them is great and sells often. Otherwise, focus on quality over quantity.

When reviewing your Etsy Shop and determining how to focus on your quality designs, use the following principles to take slow and calculated steps on how to clean up your Etsy Shop and get rid of Bad Etsy Listings.


How to tell which items are bad Etsy Listings

  • The design has never sold in the last 4 to 12 months
  • The design has sold one or two times, but gets only 0 to 5 views per month
  • You have too many other designs that use almost all the same keywords or look very similar to other successful designs in your Etsy Shop


How to let go of bad etsy Listings

  • Let the item expire if the item does not sell for 4 months
  • Slowly remove your weakest 1 or 2 items each week
  • Use a poor-performing item to inspire a brand new design with brand new keywords


HOW TO Replace Bad Etsy Listings

  • Slowly add 1 or 2 brand new listings to your Etsy shop with brand new keyword and design concepts
  • Update 1 or 2 listings per week with a new and improved design if they are only selling on occasion
  • Continue to think of new keyword ideas and keep track of them as a possibility to use in the future so that you can expand your customer reach through keyword searches

Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer