It's Melinda's Birthday Today!


Over 5 years ago, Melinda & I took our first stab at trying to figure out how to sell jewelry on Etsy. It was sort of chaotic and fun, but it took us about 4 months to sell our very first item in June of 2013.

And it took over 1 year before things started to pick up on a regular basis. Like anything, growing something takes time, studying, learning, practice and a lot of determination. Without Melinda, my ability to write about and share our experience selling on Etsy with Melinda Wood Designs would not be possible at all.

We want the same thing for you, your family, your Etsy Shop and business. If you have benefited from our newsletter, blogs, e-books or courses, we would love to hear from you and some of your own story! I hope to hear from you today on Instagram at @inthewoodshomestead

- Justin Page Wood

Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer