How to Start An Etsy Shop in 2019

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What I love most about selling on Etsy is how easy it is to get started. While other platforms like Amazon, or even starting your own website, is intimidating, Etsy can be launched within a matter of days. 

When getting started, there are some important things to plan out. If you write these down on a sheet of paper, then it will help you keep focused and get these done quickly. 

1. Pick a shop name
My favorite is just to go with your own name. For instance, my first business was "Justin Page Wood" and I use it now for my artwork and music. It's easy, and you can always change your Etsy Shop name later if you want something else. 

2. Focus on making 1 niche product that solves a problem & you'll love making
What's important when you are just getting started is just to make 1 product. No one will buy it right away. What is important is to just make the product, throw it together, take a photo, write a description, and get it up on Etsy. Another great thing about selling on Etsy is that it is very, very easy to make changes to it later. Nothing is set it stone. So it is more important to just get something up and get familiar with Etsy, than to wait 6 months until everything is just "perfect."

3. Make some super simpler brand assets
Again, you'll perfect your brand over time. I am constantly updating my own brand, and I've run my own business for 8 years now. What is important is to have a REAL photo of yourself, maybe a super quick logo you make yourself or buy a pre-made logo on Etsy, and a cover image of your product. A pre-made logo and pre-made cover image on Etsy can cost you $10 to $25 USD, so it's not a huge investment and will make your shop look more credible. 

4. Ask friends and family to buy your first product for 90% Off and leave you a review
It is very, very, very hard to get your 1st sale on Etsy unless you have some sales and reviews. The easiest way to get around this is to ask friends and family to make a purchase for a huge discount, and ask them to leave feedback. This quickly opens the door to having others purchase your items in the future because you have some reviews and sales to establish some credibility.

5. Make more products that are in line with your Etsy Shop mission
Once you get your first product up on Etsy, keep creating. It's okay if no one buys your first few items. What is important it to practice how to make new things, make them quickly, and get in the habit of creating on a regular basis. As you practice, you'll get faster and can spend more time learning how to make things that other people want and can eventually learn to sell them to other people with marketing and sales strategies.

6. Study Etsy, Study Business, Study SEO & Keywords
The worst thing a business owner can do is to NOT study and learn more and more. Find a book on Etsy, find a good book on business principles or how to sell. A great place to start is our free Etsy Seller e-book. 

Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer