How To Set Up Coupon Codes, Sales & Send Offers In Etsy

Setting up Sales, Coupon Codes & Special Offers are crucial to grow your Etsy Shop or home business. Most customers are driven by finding things that are valuable, but with a limited time offer. For instance, if a small item is being sold for $100 USD, the perception of that item is that it is likely a good quality product. But offer a limited time 3-day-only sale for 25% off, and the $100 USD item is now being sold for $75 USD instead. The customer believes they are buying something that has a value of "$100" and is now being   

When signed into Etsy Shop Manager, go to:

Marketing > Sales and coupons

Then click the orange "+ New special offer"

From here, you will get three options:

1. Send offers to interested shoppers
This is a new feature Etsy created in 2018 which automatically sends coupons to customers who add items to their cart and do not purchase, or to customers who favorite your items

2. Run a sale
This is good for offering things like 40% off or Free Shipping

3. Create a coupon
This sale type is good to send to one particular customer directly, exclusively for them

I recommend using all 3 methods as often as possible, as Sales and discounts help customers make a decision to take action and buy the items they are interested in. 

According to Etsy's research in 2018, simple discounts are more effective than complex ones. For instance, "40% off all items" is more clear and compelling than "Buy two and get one free." 

Also, with option 2 "Run a sale" - you can also create Free Shipping offers, which also greatly motivates customers to make purchases. Free Shipping is just the way all business are headed, as more and more retail stores close down and new online stores pop up. 

Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer