How To Sell On Etsy

Starting your first shop Etsy is exciting. But it's also a long journey. I'm here to help you learn how to sell on Etsy so you can make sustainable income each month and work towards growing your own, full-time business both on Etsy as well as with your own website and online marketing. 

Here are the first things you need to do to get started.

  1. First, go to and sign up for an account
  2. Next, spend about 30-45 minutes filling out all the required information they ask for such as a shop name, billing information, and about your store
  3. Then, create your first listing. Don't worry about it being perfect. In fact, no one is going to see your listing when you first publish, so it can be a super rough draft or concept. The important part here is just to get something up as quickly as possible to help you check off this next step.
  4. Finally, once you have this done, sign up for our Free Etsy Course and Etsy Intro book to hep you prepare for a successful launch. All you have to do is click below to get started and learn more about how to Sell On Etsy successfully. 

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Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer