How To Interact With Your Etsy Customers

One thing I often forget to do is ask my Etsy Customers what they thought about their purchase.

I can easily come up with new ideas for new products or changes to make to my overall Etsy shop. But without talking directly to my customers, I'm always just guessing about what next step to take. 

I recently decided to make a new Customer Survey regarding our Etsy Shops' physical Premium Print artwork. I sent the survey out to about 50 customers. In total, 6 of them replied.

These 6 customers gave me feedback that was incredibly helpful. They told me they were looking for prints that were larger than what I currently offer, as well as more horizontally-oriented art options. Almost every single customer said the same thing. And for our Etsy shop, I have not offered those options at all. Every time I do a customer survey, I learn a ton of new things I never could have guessed on my own. 

What I recommend for your own Etsy Shop is that roughly every 3 months, you should send out some sort of Customer Survey to your previous customers. Even if you only have 10 Sales on your Etsy Shop, you can still try out Customer Surveys to learn what you need to work on in order to get more Etsy Sales. Even getting 1 reply back is better than nothing. This way, you are asking questions towards people who have actually spent money on your products - and that kind of information is extremely valuable. 

Here are 4 Tips that I have seen work best for Customer Surveys: 

  1. Offer an incentive for the survey, like a coupon code or a chance to win a free product from your Etsy Shop.
  2. Send it out to about 20 Customers and see if you get any responses back. If you don't get any responses, your offer may not be compelling, or your questions may be too long and too confusing. After your refine and improve your Survey, send a new one out to another 20 Customers. This way, you can learn to perfect your Survey, rather than just sending out 1 to everyone at once.
  3. Keep it to roughly 2-4 questions. The shorter it is, the more likely they will answer.
  4. Ask questions that are crucial to the issues you need to figure out. Don't ask things like "Did you like your order?" or "Would you recommend our shop to a friend?" Those kinds of questions are completely pointless. You want to ask things like "What was something you were looking for that you did not find on my Etsy Shop," or "What was the most difficult and frustrating experience you had with your Etsy Order." These are just examples. But you want to ask questions that really get to the heart of things that your Etsy Shop desperately needs in order to change and improve. 

Whenever I feel stuck, I always turn back to doing Customer Surveys. They are one of the best ways to get you motivated to fix the problems that your Etsy Shop is not addressing. 

If you're unsure how to send out customer surveys, the two easiest options are to simply write customers through Etsy Conversations or to set up a survey web page on a website such as 

Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer