4 Mistakes We've Made That You Can Avoid

We've been selling on Etsy for 2 years now, and - looking back - we've made a lot of mistakes we wish we could have avoided. Here are 4 Mistakes we've made that you can avoid when developing your business on Etsy:


1. Don't Getting Distracted With Too Many Ideas
It can be really easy to start trying out other ideas and other places to sell your products. As an artist and entrepreneur, you can get distracted with second businesses, trying to do too much social media, selling at art shows, or making a million Etsy products. But you need to make sure to stay super focused on your Etsy Shop.  Places like Society6, RedBubble, CafePress, and designing your own website, are all great. But Etsy has 100-times more traffic than all of those other websites. You need to stay super-focused on your Etsy shop before moving on to a new idea or new place. Once your Etsy Shop is getting a ton of sales, and you're making a ton of money, you can start thinking about the next place to move on to. 


2. Don't Pay Attention To Other Etsy Shops
It's easy to look at what everyone else is doing on Etsy. There are two problems with this. One, is that you're too focused on what other people are doing, and you should be spending that time on your own Shop. The second is that, in order to be successful, you need to find your own niche, and own place in Etsy. If you're doing the same thing that everyone else is doing, you are going to get lost in the crowd. It's not a bad idea to make things that people want to buy, and what is trending, but you also need to develop your own style & forge your own path. Otherwise, you'll always be following in everyone else's footsteps.


3. Keep Exploring More & More New Keywords
There are always, always, always more keywords to try out. Don't get stuck in one mentality of using the same keywords over and over. Explore brand new, totally new keyword ideas. That's where 90% of your traffic is going to come from. And you want to broaden your audience, and find even more customers with new keywords.


4. Always Take Notes and Track Your Progress
One thing I always forget to do is track my ideas and progress. Sometimes, it's too easy to stare at Etsy and get lost in all the things you need to do. Make a list of your daily to-do list, weekly to-do list, and future goals. You can use your iPhone Reminders App, a list on your computer, or write it down on paper. Keep track of ideas, statistics, goals, and what customers are asking for. You've got to record as much as possible, so you can keep moving forward in the right direction, instead of staying in the same place. 


Don't make the same mistakes I did!  Stay focused on your Etsy Shop, research new keyword ideas, and write everything down! 


Your Assignment this Week
Write down 5 things you need to always do for your Etsy Shop each day.  Ideas could include:

  • Keep up with customer questions
  • Come up with 5 new keywords
  • Write down 1 new Product Idea
  • Thank your best customers for the Reviews & Orders

Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer