How Should I Set Up My Etsy Shop Sections & Categories?

Etsy Seller Question:
What is the best way to organize my Etsy Listings? Should it be by color or by style? Or what if you have the same product in multiple colors?

The most important way to figure out how to organize your Sections is by reviewing your Sales. Whenever someone buys 2 or more items together in the same bundle, that tells you that the items likely go together.  So your Shop sections could be set up in several ways, such as color, or style, or something else.

What I recommend is review all of your recent sales for the last 30 days and see what patterns you find. What we have found for our own Etsy Shop is that it tends to be a certain combination of both Color & Style. Write down every time someone makes an order of 2 or more items, and see how those items are similar to each other. Then, set up your Sections based on that data. 

The final step is to place the bestselling Sections at the Top of your List. Depending on the season and on trends, you will find that your Sections may end up changing every 2-4 weeks. So this is an ongoing process that you should keep up on continually. 

For instance, sometimes our "Mint & Coral" section does extremely well and sells hundreds of items. But right now, it hardly sells at all because we're in Fall. Other colors like Navy, Gold and Beige are somewhat popular year round, but they do change fairly frequently. 

But the most important way to sort your Sections is always by Sales, and how much money you're making, and by trying to encourage customers to order multiple items at the same time. The easier a customer can find things they like that go together, the more likely they will spend more money.

Think of it like someone going to a restaurant. Fast food restaurants make a lot more money when you order Fries & Soda along with a Burger. If you order just the Burger, they make a lot less money. But when you add on items that go along with the main entree, and you pair them together in an easy way, then customers are more likely to make a larger purchase. 

Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer