Here's Why You Shouldn't Look At Other Etsy Shops

Recently, I decided to scout out a few Etsy Shops to see what's been going on with other Etsy Sellers lately.

Unfortunately, I found some things that discouraged me: 

1. There are tons of new Etsy Shops that are copying our Listings on Etsy.

2. There are some really awesome Etsy Shops that I feel are way better than my own.

3. There are several Etsy Shops that have way more sales than we do. 

I find that when I start comparing my own Etsy Shop to other Etsy Shops, I can easily feel discouraged. If my sales are lower than theirs, or if I feel like their Listing designs are better, then I quickly lose motivation for my own work. And just for a moment, I feel like giving up. 

As a business person and artist, that feeling is the worst. But often times, there is no reason to feel that way. If you are a creative person or want to build your own business, the worst thing you can do is find negative thoughts to prevent you from moving forward. 

I used to feel that way especially when it came to playing piano. For almost 10 years, I wanted to record a piano album. But the fear of it not being perfect, and the fear of not being as talented as other piano players caused me to prolong my dreams of making a piano album

Once I finally got the courage and took the effort to create my first album, I forced myself to stop comparing, worrying, and holding myself back, and instead focus on my dreams and ideas. 

So instead of focusing on what other people are doing on Etsy, focus on your own shop and strive towards the goals and dreams you aspire to achieve.

Here are some ideas to help you focus on for your own Etsy Shop: 

1. Look at your best selling items or items getting the most views and see how you can create more similar items that might sell just as well. 

2. Look at your Etsy Stats and look for trends and patterns to help figure out how to better optimize and improve your Etsy Shop.

3. Look for inspiration from businesses outside of Etsy that do not sell the same kinds of things as your own Etsy Shop. Some of my personal favorites are CB2 and Restoration Hardware.

4. Focus on educating yourself to be a better artist and business person.

5. Design something beautiful on Etsy that you've always wanted to try, but have been too timid or shy to create it.

Keep creating & make something beautiful. 


Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer