Etsy's Stock Value Soars After 5% Fee Increase Is Announced

Once Etsy announced their 5% fee increase in June of 2018, their stock soars over 20% in the last few days. 

Why does this happen? 

Investors in any stock want to see one thing: Profit increase. 

The reason anyone invests in the stock market is so that they can put some of their savings and hopefully see some extra money made in return. 

You can see in the chart below how much Etsy's stock value has increases since they announced the 5% fee increase last week. This happened when Amazon announced their own fee increases. Amazon is now worth over $1700 USD per share.

But the real winners are the people who made Etsy. 

They built a company from nothing, and built it into a company which they took public. Etsy's stock value suffered inititally, but since 2017 - they have been making a come back. And now their stock is getting newsworthy headlines and the value of their stock is shooting up. 

Should you invest in Etsy, then? That's up to you, but I won't be. 

The real winners are the people who start businesses and grow them to big potential. Those are people like you, who take small ideas and make them into businesses and grow them. 

In my opinion, you should still sell on Etsy, and you should focus on building your business. But you must realize that the little Etsy Shops will be crushed. And only the serious sellers on Etsy will do well - the ones who study business and learn how to scale quickly and make great products. 

What Will You Do?
Will You Stay On Etsy Or Sell Your Crafts Elsewhere?


Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer