Etsy Shop Ideas For Fall & Winter 2017

There is nothing complex about selling on Etsy. All you have to do is figure out what people want to buy, and use the right keywords to help them find it. 

If you're just getting started on Etsy, you're in a great position to start making and selling items that people want to buy right now. Since we're almost in October of 2017, it's the very start of people buying for Thanksgiving, Christmas and the Holidays.

The first thing you want to do is look at some of the current Top Etsy Shops, and current best selling items in Etsy. The best way to do that is to look at Etsy is letting us know about the top trending keyword searches. To do this, simply click into the "Search Bar" on and wait a second for this to load. From there, you should see something pop up like this below.

Under "Popular Right Now" are the top items that people are searching for in Etsy, and this is a great start to see what the best items to sell on Etsy are for 2017. From here, look for some keywords that appeal to you, which are things that you can easily make on your own, or if you have a skill in making. 

Once you click on one of these keywords, you'll be able to see how many people are selling these items and how much competition there is. I personally have an interest in "vertical gardens", so I'll see what is going on with that keyword.

From there, I am going to look at how many results I get for the keyword "Vertical Garden." If you look below, you'll see how many results Etsy has for that keyword. In this case, there are only 2,021 results for that particular keyword.

From my experience, any keyword that has less than 10,000 Results is something that you have a chance to do well in. If a particular keyword has a lot more results, such as 100,000 Results or more, then it is going to be very hard to compete in that Category. 

For instance, a Popular item to sell on Etsy is "Printable Art." But if I do a keyword search for "Printable Art", there are over 700,000 results in that category, which means it is extremely difficult to rank for that keyword and it is way too competitive if you are just getting started. 

Once you find the right keyword that you are interested in, look at which shops seem to be doing very well and getting lots of sales. If you see 2 or 3 shops which have a couple thousands sales selling something similar, there is likely a lot of interest in that item, but not too much competition.

So you want to find the following criteria when searching for new Etsy Shop Ideas:

  • A keyword or keyword combination that is currently trending, according to Etsy
  • Once you look at that keywords, you see 10,000 results or less
  • You are able to find 2 or 3 Etsy Shops which have had a lot of success selling that item

Once you are able to find that out, you are likely in the right place for getting started with an Etsy Shop product.

Continue to look for new ideas that you can make on Etsy. A lot of successful Etsy Shops get used to selling the same Etsy Items over and over, and see their sales go down. So never stop looking for new Opportunities on Etsy. 

Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer