Etsy SEO - How To Get More Views Through Etsy Keywords

SEO is short for "Search Engine Optimization." It is the way that Etsy determines how products should show up in a keyword search based on all types of criteria that Etsy thinks is relevant.

Etsy SEO is pretty simple to understand. The most important part of it is to first figure out what you're going to make, and ensure that it is not a product that thousands of people make. Instead, you should focus on niche markets where there is emerging demand, but not a lot of Etsy Sellers making that kind of product. 

Here's how to make the most of Etsy SEO & Keywords:

  1. Figure our your business concept. Make sure your products and Etsy Shop concept are things you believe in and want to do. Otherwise, doing Etsy SEO & Keyword research will be tedious and frustrating.
  2. Research keywords using the Etsy Search Bar & Google Adwords Keyword Planner. You should start off with keyword ideas that you think might be popular, then see how much traffic and competition each keyword gets. Use keywords that seem to have a lot of traction, but only a few hundred other Etsy Shops are using. Niche keywords are important to find, because broad and vague keywords are very hard to compete with.
  3. Start off with a design you think will be popular in 2018. That's because most Etsy Sellers focus on too much of what was popular in the past. Instead, you must focus on making things that will trend now or will be trending in the future. 
  4. Create a new Etsy Listing with your new keywords that you have researched. It's important to use a variety of your keywords in the Titles, Tags, and listing description. 
  5. Optimize your listing page as much as possible. Etsy likes to see pages that are complete with lots of images, properly selected Categories, as well as offering free shipping and sales/promotions. That's because doing those kinds of optimizations on your listing page help customers understand your product and are more likely to purchase the item. So make sure you take lots of photos, offer free shipping, and build in discounts into the item. 
  6. Promote your item as much as possible. The more an item sells, the more it will show up high in search results. So promoted your item on social media, your email marketing list, as well as use Etsy Promoted Listings to try to get your first sale. The more item an item sells, the more it will show up high in Etsy Search results. 

These are the primary ways to use Etsy SEO effectively in 2018. Remember that if you make items that no one wants to buy, then all the Etsy SEO optimization in the world wont do anything. So focus hard on making items that will be popular and trend today and in the future, and not things which were popular in the past. 

Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer