4 Tips For Strong Etsy SEO Keywords

Strong Etsy SEO keywords are absolutely essential in order to have a successful Etsy Shop. Here are 4 of the most important techniques to use for creating strong SEO keywords on Etsy.  

1. Use Simple, Boring, Common Keywords
One thing I did when I first started an Etsy Shop was used creative and unusual words to describe my artwork. Things like "Abstract Series No. 24" as a title for your Etsy item is extremely poor. Instead, use keywords like "Abstract Art, Minimalist Decor, Modern Paintings, Black and White Artwork." You want to use simple words that your customers will actually type in to find what they're looking for.

2. Separate Your Keywords With Commas
Etsy organizes listings by how you separate them. You want to split up your keywords into chunks of one, two, and three so that your Etsy Items are prioritized higher than other Etsy Shops' items. So instead of writing a Listing Title like "Black and White Modernist Artwork Painting For Modern Homes", split it up into pieces, like "Black and White Painting, Modernist Artwork, Modern Home Decor." This way, you'll rank higher in most cases for simple keyword combinations. 

3. Fill Up As Much Of Your Item Title & Tags As Possible
The more keywords you can use, the more opportunities you have for being found on Etsy. Make it a habit to always completely fill up your Listing Description's Titles and Tags. At first, it will feel tedious to have to do this, but it's going to have a drastic effect on your ability to be found in Etsy.

4. Don't Repeat Keywords & Always Come Up With New Keywords
Something I see Etsy Sellers do constantly is reuse the same keywords over and over. If you sell mostly "Leather Purses" on your Etsy Shop, do not use the keyword "Leather Purses" on every single listing. Instead, mix it up as often as possible with other keywords like "Brown Purses, Leather Accessories, Leather Fashion, Purses Leather, Simple Purse, etc." Always, always, always think of new keywords and keyword combinations, and different keyword orders for your new products. The more variety of keywords you have, the more you'll be found on Etsy.

Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer