Common Etsy Selling Questions

How many items do I need to have on my Etsy Shop to start seeing results?
Although it will be slow, you can see results with as little as 8 products. When we first started our Etsy Shop, we had only developed about 10 products, but each item was selling several times. This told us that we were developing the right kinds of products for our customers, and we could continue in a certain direction.  If you're just starting out your Etsy Shop, you want to grow a little bit each day, but you should not grow too rapidly.  If you have 500 products, but only 50 sales, you've done too much product development, and have not spent enough time actually getting new customers and sales. A good rule of thumb is to roughly have the same amount of Sales as you do Products. So, if you have 100 sales, it is great to have about 100 products.  As you get more and more sales, you'll want to make sure each of your products is selling numerous times. So it's best to have a slow and steady growth of Products along with a steady increase in Sales.  But if you want to have enough data to work with and analyze, it is good to have at least 50 Products, so that you can have a wide range of keywords, and have some data to inform your decisions.

Should I use Etsy Promoted Listings? 
Early on in your Shop, you should not use Etsy Promoted Listings. They are expensive, and very difficult to get good results. It may often take $0.50 per click, and up to 20 clicks before an item sells.  That means, you'll be spending $5 for each sale you get.  If your items are inexpensive, such as $5 to $20, the advertising costs will really eat into your profits. I would wait until you have at least 1,000 sales, and you have really done the best you can with Keywords, and feel like you have mastered your Etsy shop.  Only then should you begin trying out Promoted Listings. And even then, it's hard to master and get it right. 

Should I worry about Google SEO & Google Searches?
I have personally seen very little success with Google searches.  Far less than 1% of all our Shop's traffic comes from Google.  Also, people search with Google a lot differently than they do with Etsy.  Usually, on Google, people are looking up concepts, news articles, and basic information, or generic & household-name products.  People on Etsy are looking to buy unique, handmade products. It's a very different kind of person who uses Etsy. So I recommend focusing 99% of your efforts on Etsy Keywords & Improving your Etsy Shop, and 0% of your time thinking about Google SEO.  


What should I do with my Shop Announcement Section?
The "Shop Announcement" is actually an important part of an Etsy Shop. Below is an example of what the "Shop Announcement" section looks like.  It includes the main banner above, and the text below. About 5-10% of customers are going to click on this area to learn more about your shop quickly.  And 5-10% is truly a big number when it comes to shop analytics. Anything that 5% or more of your customer base is using is an important tool to focus on. This section needs to be very useful and concise, because it's the only area that Etsy allows you to quickly inform your customers on your main Etsy Shop page. You want to tell people why they need to shop on your Etsy store today.  About 70-90% of people visiting your Etsy Shop are going to leave forever, and never come back. So you need to use this space wisely, and make it as concise as possible. Here are some examples of what to do with this area of your shop:

  • Use the main image to tell customers more about your shop, not just using your shop logo or photos of your products
  • Offer a coupon code use, to give people an incentive to buy from you soon
  • Explain exactly what you sell. If it's not 100% apparent from the photo, you need to use text to explain what you are selling with as few words as possible


Should I price my items lower than average when I am first setting up my Etsy Shop?This is a great idea, and worth trying if you are okay with making very little money in the beginning. Especially when you are first starting your Shop. You need to find customers who like your work and are willing to pay for your items. There are a lot of kinks to work out when you first open your Shop, so when someone does place an order with you, you need to treat your Customers more like Clients, and do as much as you can to make their experience amazing, so that they leave you a 5-star review and you can learn from their feedback. Once you start getting a good amount of sales, then you should bring your prices to the average Market Price, so you do not look like a cheap discount shop.  Once you get 10 Sales, raise your prices. And when you get 20 Sales, raise your prices a little, and so on. Once you get to about twenty 5-Star Reviews, you will start to look like an established Etsy Shop. On average, 10% of customers leave reviews on Etsy for smaller-priced items. For larger purchases that are valued at $100 or more, usually 20-30% of customers will leave a review, and sometimes as high as 50%. So if your goal is to have twenty 5-Star Reviews, you will likely need to get 200 Sales if your items are lower-priced items. This is totally just one strategy, but it's definitely a good way to get up and running quickly. There are many different ways to get established and looking professional on Etsy, and this is just one way.


Should I join an Etsy Team?
If you have the time, you can try this out, but my personal experience has been that it is a big waste of time, so I do not recommend it.  But it's totally up to you.


Are Material Tags important?
I have not seen material tags have much to do with Etsy Sales, whether its a physical or downloadable product.  It may only be important if you use a very unique product that is trending, such as Hand-Spun Textiles, Toxic-Free Woods, or something similar. Otherwise, don't let this worry you too much.


Should I set up Etsy Shipping Profiles?
Absolutely!  This is a great way to save time and simplify your shipping rates. Shipping Profiles make it so you do not have to copy your Prices to every item, and allows you to creating shipping tiers, such as Ground, Priority, or Overnight shipping.  For Digital Items, you do not need to set this up.

Does Renewing my Etsy Items without making a Sale improve my Etsy Item's placement in Searches?
This is a great question, and the way it works is a little complicated.  Basically, the more a particular item of yours sells, the more likely it well show up high on an Etsy Search. The only way it is a good idea to renew your Etsy Item is for the following reasons:

  • You have a really good product that used to sell a lot, but for some reason has slowed down in the last 3-4 weeks by a fluke.
  • You're just starting out, and you're testing your products out to see where they show up on in a particular Etsy Search.  It's only $0.20 to renew an item, and it is worth trying this out a few times to understand how Etsy Search works because Keywords are so important to your Etsy Shop.
  • You want your item to pop up higher on a search result for a very short period of time, such as peak times. Typically, this is Monday to Thursday, between 10am and 7pm.  However, I have very rarely seen this be profitable and worthwhile. You're better off trying to get better keywords, more sales, and build your Etsy Shop over time.

What questions do you have about selling on Etsy?

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Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer