Spend Your Time Wisely on Etsy

When I speak with Etsy Sellers, I find that many of them tend to focus most of their attention on 1 aspect of their Etsy Shop. It's either a hyper-focus on redoing their keywords, making more products, or worrying about Views & Stats.

Based on my experience selling on Etsy, I personally believe it is not good to focus on just one aspect on your Etsy Shop too much.  Instead, you want to evenly divide your time between all the tasks that are needed to build a good Etsy Shop.

When getting your Etsy Shop off the ground and built up to your first 200 Sales, there are 5 main things you want to equally spread your time on with Etsy, with each area using an equal 20% of your daily efforts. They are:

1. Improving your Keywords (20%)
2. Optimizing your Shop's Layout (20%)
3. Improving your Listing Descriptions, Policies & About Sections (20%)
4. Improving your Listing Designs & Photography (20%)
5. Analyzing your Stats & Analytics (20%)

If you are neglecting any of these 5 areas, or spending too much time on one aspect of these 5 areas, then you are going to see slow growth in Etsy, and you'll be likely wasting your time. 

To help you ensure that you are growing your Etsy Shop in the right direction, ask yourself the following question to see where you are at right now with your Etsy Shop:

  • Do you have more products than you have sales?  If you have 100 Items in your Etsy Shop, but only 20 Sales - slow down!  You are not spending enough time keywords, listing descriptions, quality product design, and analyzing your Stats.
  • Do you have more than 50 items, but no sales?  Spend more time on keywords before making new products. Make sure your listing descriptions are clear and helpful. Make sure your Shop Policies are concise and not to strict. No one wants to buy from a strict Etsy Shop that won't offer refunds if something goes wrong.
  • Are people even viewing your Items or favoriting them?  Make sure your Etsy products are beautiful, inspiring and high quality. Even if your Etsy Listings show up in keyword searches, if your photos and designs are not beautiful, people will not bother to click on them and view your items more closely. 

As you work to get your first 200 Sales on Etsy, keep track of your work, set out daily to do lists, and get in the habit of spending your time wisely.  I hope these insights help!  And please let me know if you have any questions.

Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer