The Etsy Handbook, Etsy Videos, Google Analytics, & Mailing Lists

I hope you've been learning a lot about Etsy lately with some real information that is Practical & Helpful. Today, I want to address some recent customer questions as well as updates going on with Etsy, so you have an idea what's going on, and also how to spend your time efficiently on your Etsy Shop, and what to think about for the future that will eventually help your business grow. 


1. The Etsy Seller Handbook
Many of you have asked about the Etsy Handbook.  I have also read most of the Etsy Handbooks and Blogs. I especially read them a lot when I first started my Etsy Shop.  After having read at least 100 different blog posts, I found very little helpful information from these Blog Posts. Most of their Blog Posts are written by Etsy Shop Owners with 100 or 200 Sales, or they are written by Etsy Employees who have absolutely no experience running an Etsy Shop. All of their ideas and comments are theoretical. They are not written from real experience. And because they have no real experience behind them, their tips are almost useless.  You might notice that Etsy keeps saying the same few things:  1) Take Good Photos,  2) Use Social Media to Find New Customers, 3) Keep at it and don't give up! These are decent tips, but they only account for 1% of what you need to do to have a successful Etsy Shop. So don't spend too much time with their Etsy Handbook blog posts. Instead, you need to focus on what actually works, and not take advice from people who don't actually sell on Etsy.


2. The New Etsy Video Tool
Etsy just came out with their new Etsy Video. It's a great idea. But they buried it in the "About" section of everyone's Etsy Shop.  According to Google Analytics, only 1% of the people who visit your Shop Page will view your "About" page.  And, remember, most people will see your Listing pages first through Keyword Searches, and they will only visit your Shop page second!  And most people don't even see your Shop's Home Page in the first place! So really, the total amount of people looking at your About page is more like 0.5% or less.  Because this is so low, there is not really much of an incentive to build a good Etsy Video right now. Making a video takes a lot of time and resources. You are better focusing your efforts where it matters:  Better Products, Better Keywords, and More Optimization.  I think Etsy's Video idea is a great one.  But they put so much emphasis on the "About" page, when - truly - most people just want to see your Products.


3. Google Analytics
This brings me to another topic I have not addressed yet:  Google Analytics.  I use Google Analytics on a weekly basis, but that's because I am getting thousands of views every day.  So, should you set up a Google Analytics account for your Etsy Shop?  Yes!  But, learning how Google Analytics works is a huge, huge project and it has taken me years to get familiar with and understand what to do with that data. We will go over Google Analytics in the future, but it is more of an Advanced Feature that really isn't going to give you value right now. Once you've made at least $10,000 with your Etsy Shop I would then recommend you start taking the time to look more closely with Google Analytics.  However, you should start collecting Google Analytics data as soon as possible, so that when the time comes, you can review all that information at a later date.  Here is how to set up a Google Analytics account and set it up with your Etsy Shop.  I recommend doing this today:


4. Email Newsletters
It's a great idea to gather email addresses and build a list of followers for any business. But it takes a lot of work and time. Early in your Shop, I do not recommend using an Email List. Instead, focus on emailing your customers directly through Etsy.  Offer them coupon codes and other incentives through Etsy.  Perhaps even ask your best customers for their email address to go on a "VIP Customer List"  (This is just one idea of many).  Etsy has done a lot of work on their website to use their own automated Emails, recommended items, and so many other things that you do not have to worry about. However, in the long run, you do want to build an Email List for the health of your online business. The Newsletter platform I highly recommend is MailChimp.  They have some of the easiest and best tools of any Newsletter platform, and it's free for the first 2000 email addresses.  I recommend signing up for a free account, and spend no more than 30 minutes getting familiar with MailChimp.  You should absolutely keep this in mind, but really you need to plan to use this very slowly, over the long term. All your efforts right now should be on your Etsy Shop directly, and then think about building your email list slowly over time.  Sign up for a free MailChimp account here:

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