Coupon Code FAQs

Gathering repeat customers is an essential way to keep your Etsy Shop healthy & growing. Not only do repeat customers buy items from your Etsy Shop more than once, they also can be instrumental in growing your business by:

  • Telling more friends and family about your Etsy Shop
  • Providing more 5-star reviews
  • Giving you valuable feedback and insight on how to improve your Shop & Items

Lately, a lot of customers have been asking me how they can encourage more repeat sales through Etsy. 

In Etsy, there is a way to send automatic "Thank You Coupons"  after someone makes an order. 

You may have noticed it when making a coupon before, but this tool is absolutely vital to use, and you should always be using this tool. 

When creating a new coupon, go to:

Marketing > Sales and coupons

Then click the orange " + New special offer" button

From there, you will see this screen:

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 10.49.21 PM.png

Choose option "3" which is to "Create a coupon"

From there, you will set up a coupon as normal. But make sure you select the option "Send as a thank you".

When making "Thank You Coupons", here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Make the coupon discount higher than you normally would do for first-time customers. For instance, if you usually do 15% Off everything for most customers, do 30% off for your "Thank You" coupon.
  • Give it a time limit somewhere between 1-2 weeks. You want to push customers to make a 2nd purchase soon. Give them little time to think and plan it out, but soon enough that it feels urgent. Test it out for yourself to see what time limits work best for your Etsy Shop.
  • Talk to your best customers directly.  If someone gave you an amazing 5-Star Review on your Etsy Shop with a long, though-out comment, or a photo of how they used your product, write them a personal thank you note, and give them an exclusive coupon code.

Around 20-30% of your customers will be second-time purchasers.  And each time they buy, they are likely to come back again.  But don't forget that coupon codes are not just the only way to keep people coming back. Other ways to gain loyal customer to make more purchases include:

  • Personal & Customized Customer Service
  • Excellent Product Quality
  • Branding, Blogging, and providing Valuable Information to your Customers

So try out the "Thank You Coupon" code for the next month, and keep track of your success in the next 30 days. After you see the results, try adjusting your discount, and expiration date length, to see if that helps convert more sales.


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Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer