Don't Play Favorite & Treasury Games

I've been hearing a lot about Treasury and Favorite games lately from Etsy Sellers. While these games do increase your "Views" on Etsy, it doesn't mean your Sales are going up. And with any business, the only thing that really matters in the end is if your Sales go up.

I see this all the time. An Etsy Shop at 50 Sales, but has 5,000 people who have "Favorited" their Shop. If you have 5,000 people who have seen your Etsy store, but only have 50 Sales, there is a huge problem! And, truthful, it's probably because you are wasting your time playing Favorite Games & Treasury games with Etsy groups. 

I promise you, this does not help with your Sales. It just wastes your time. It's an easy thing to do, and it is fun to see your products have lots of Favorites & Views. But if no one is buying your stuff, then it is not paying off.

When you play Etsy Games, you are just showcasing your Etsy Shop to other Etsy Sellers. You want to showcase your Etsy Shop to real customers who want to pay money for your products.

So instead of playing Etsy Games, get focused on creating a real business, focusing on real customers. Here's what you should be spending your time on instead:

Make great products that people want to buy. 
If you have ugly, weird, or boring Etsy products, no one will want to buy them. Figure out what you like, what other people like, and make the best possible products you possibly can. Inspire people. Don't bore them to death.

Make your keywords better.
The number one way you are going to get Sales on Etsy is through Keywords. Yes, there are other ways, like having some great Social Media accounts on Instagram or Pinterest. But the majority of your Sales are going to come from people who are already shopping on Etsy who are ready and willing to spend money on products. So keywords should always be your number one marketing tactic, especially in the early stages of your Etsy Shop. 

Make your product descriptions & product photography better.
If people do not understand what your product is, if your descriptions are confusing, or have lots of spelling errors, or are totally sloppy, then people will not buy your products! Your photos also need to be clear, beautiful, and accurate. Make sure people understand what they are buying. Otherwise, they will look at your product on Etsy, but as soon as they take a closer look, they may be totally confused and leave your Etsy Shop.

Optimize your Etsy Shop Listings in a logical order
Make sure your Sections are organized clearly, and in way that makes sense. Feature your top 4 Items at the top of your Etsy Shop, and feature you top 24 Listings at the beginning of your Home Page. The more you can show your best sellers, the easier customers can find your products, and the more likely you will get sales.

So, please! I beg you. Stop playing the Favorite & Treasury games. And get serious about your Etsy Shop. If you want to make money, think like an business person. If you want to waste your time, then keep playing the Favorite & Treasury games. 

Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer