Don't Let Your Etsy Sales Go Down This Year

Every month is a great opportunity to push yourself to the next level and reach more sales and revenue through your Etsy Shop.

A realistic and attainable goal is to increase your Etsy Sales by 10% or 20% each month. But you won't get their by chance. You have to do some really hard and thoughtful work.

There are a few ways to increase your sales, and one of the most important techniques is to log your statistics and track your progress so that you can make improvements to your Etsy Shop based on real data you collect. 

Here are some simple ways to analyze your Etsy Shop this month:

  • Keep track of your best selling items
  • Keep track of styles & keywords that are currently trending
  • Write down your Stats, Sales, Views and other data to use for comparing them to your Stats in 30 days from now.

Once you have a clear goal of what's been going on for the last 30 days on your Etsy Shop, make clear and decisive changes to optimize your Etsy Shop:

  • Put your best selling items on the Home Page of your Etsy Shop.
  • Update poor-performing items (10 views or less in the last 30 days) with new Keywords to try to boost more visibility in Keyword Searches.
  • Improve the design of poor performing items that you think could use help. 
  • Update your Cover Image, branding, and text on your Home Page to reflect the new trends for Spring.

The most common complaint I see from experienced Etsy Sellers who have been selling on Etsy for many years is their sales tend to drop of dramatically over time.

They will say things like:

"My sales on Etsy are going down this year." 

"I keep seeing less and less views on my Etsy Shop each month."

"Why was 2016 my worst year ever on Etsy?"

I can't say why specifically other Etsy Shops have these issues, but from my own experience, it's typically because I am not keeping our Etsy Shop up to date on a regular, monthly basis. If I am not updating keywords, improving designs, optimizing the overall layout of my Etsy Shop, and if I am not tracking, recording and analyzing my results, then Sales will eventually start to drop.

My guess is that experienced Etsy Shops, over many years, get comfortable with having the same old designs, the same old keywords, and never optimize their Etsy Shop. 

So if you are not learning, expanding, growing, and improving, then your Etsy Shop will die over time. Which is why it is absolutely vital to push yourself to grow just a little but each month through calculated, intentional and planned growth.

Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer