Complete Your Entire Etsy Shop

With the new Etsy Shop Home Page layout, just about everything on the home page is now different. Your Profile Image, Shop Updates, About section, Policies, and FAQs are more prominent than ever. 

Not only is it a good idea to fill all of this information out for your customers, to help them learn more about your business and to make your Etsy Shop look more professional, it also helps your shop's ranking in Keyword searches if you have a complete and thorough Etsy Shop.

I've spoken with a lot of Etsy Shop owners lately who have not completely filled out their Etsy Shop, even with shops that have a lot of sales. This is totally basic stuff, but I need to remind you to make sure you get this done. This should only take you 1 or 2 hours to do if you have not done it yet, and you should split it up into 30-minute increments over the next 4 days. 

Here is a check list of everything you need to fill out on your Etsy Shop. With the new Home Page layout, it's much easier than ever before to make these edits:

Shop Icon
Choose something professional. It doesn't need to be perfect, just make it look nice. This is now one of the first things your Etsy Customers will see.

Shop Title
This is just below your Shop Name. This is now more prominent than before as well. You can use this little space to tell more about your shop to your customers, or even promote a special coupon code offer.

Profile Photo
This needs to be a real photo of you. Anonymous businesses and Etsy Shops do not do as well as those that feel more authentic. The whole point people shop on Etsy is for unique, handmade items that are hard to find elsewhere. An anonymous shop is going to greatly hurt your sales and make you look like you are trying to hide. So I highly recommend a real photo of yourself - one that looks professional, too.

This is another good place to put a bit more info about your shop. Let your customers know exactly what you sell, what you specialize in, and possibly special offers and coupon codes. Make this short, easy to read, and helpful for customers. You want to address questions that customers have actually asked in the past. Remember that your customers are spending real money, and they have worries and fears about what you sell. So you need to address their worries in a way that will feel more confident when they buy from you. Don't post generic, boring things in this section. Make it as helpful and as clear as possible.

Shop Updates
Shop Updates are now very important for your Etsy Shop's health. This is a new Etsy Feature, and I now post shop updates every single day. It doesn't need to be amazing. But I highly recommend featuring your best-selling products here that are currently trending because your Etsy Customers that follow your shop will now see these updates more regularly. This is a great opportunity for you to promote your shop for free! 

We're now getting way down the page to areas where Customers are not likely to spend that much time. So do not sweat over every word you use here. Just make sure you fill it out and it is complete. Use at least one nice photo here, with a couple nice sentences. You do not need to write an essay, just don't leave it blank. Maybe show another special offer, or something interesting in this section.

Shop Policies
Your Policies section must be filled out completely. Etsy prioritizes shops that have total & complete information. They now prioritize shops that use their pre-filled Policy forms, which saves you time. Make sure you fill out every single section for the sake of your Keyword Rankings.

More Information
I do not believe Etsy Customers are going to scroll down here and spend a ton of time on this. Simply fill out 1 or 2 questions for now until you learn more about your customer's real FAQs. I've put the top 4 questions customers usually ask me in this section. Make sure to fill out at least one, to ensure that your entire profile is complete.

I hope this helps! A complete Etsy profile means more Shop views for you if you have good keywords and nice product photography. So get to it this week! 

Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer