Being Both Efficient & Business-Savvy as an Etsy Artist

Whether you make physical or digital products on Etsy, it is absolutely crucial to be efficient with your time. 

Lately, I have been hearing from Etsy Shops who make lots of different items. And, as an artist on Etsy, of course you are going to love creating and designing all the time.

But most artists & designers have a big problem. They have a hard time being practical and running a business, they often are perfectionists or idealistic, and they are rarely efficient with their time. 

I struggled with this for years and years before I started my Etsy Shop. I wanted to be an artist, and I held myself to a certain standard. The problem, though, was that I barely got any sales or any views on Etsy. It took me years to get over this, but I had to become equally an artist and a business person at the same time. 

So, here are some important things you need to consider and get over as an Etsy Seller, especially if you are just starting out an have very few sales: 


Be Efficient With Your Time
If you are constantly making new designs, just for the fun of it, and you are not standardizing your designs, sourcing materials from the same place, and not simplifying how you are making items, then you are really just a hobbyist. There is no point it trying to run an Etsy Shop to make money, if you're just doing it for fun. Either make your items for fun and give them away, or start thinking like a business person and get serious. Figure out your best sellers, standardized your process, figure out a budget, and make sure to make a profit of off each item you sell. 


Standardize Your Designs & Simplify Your Process
It's very inefficient to keep making new designs all the time, and not keep your best sellers. You absolutely need to keep improving your items, and make stuff that lots of people like. Otherwise, you wont make a lot of money, you will waste lots of time, and get burnt out.  This is super important if you want a succesful business - especially in jewelry.  If you were selling $1000 paintings one-of-a-kind, then it makes sense financially. But you are making inexpensive jewelry for $15-30.  If you look at all the most successful companies making items for $15-30 each, they mass-produce their items. You need to use your time wisely, get good at making items quickly, and figure out what sells a lot and takes very little time to make, but still good quality.  


Make Stuff That People Want To Buy - Don't Be Too Artistic, but Don't Be Too Boring
It's fun to be artsy, creative, interesting, and unique, but it doesn't really matter if only you like it. It needs to be something that other people like too.  Which



Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer