Do I Show Up Higher In Etsy Search Results If More People View It?

An Etsy Seller Asked:

I was under the impression that if somebody clicked on a listing through search, the listing would get bumped up for that search term only. Do you know if the listing gets bumped up in general for all relevant searches, or only for the search term used?

Definitely not. What matters is sales. If 1 of your items sells 10 times per day, then it will show up way at the top.  Sales are really the only thing that matters when ranking for keywords. Renewing items helps much less. Etsy seems to prioritize a real Sale about 5 times more than a Renewal. So the best thing you can do for your Etsy Shop is to continue to promote your bestsellers, rather than promote new items with no track record of sales.

What Should I Do When An Etsy Customers Doesn't Receive Their Item In The Mail?

Recently an Etsy Seller asked:

"What should I do when an Physical Item has not been received in the mail by a customer? What do you do if the customer doesn't want to pay for tracking but the item hasn't been delivered and should have arrived by now?"

First I check with the Post Office to see if there was an issue. If the Post Office lost it, then I send the customer the same item for free right away. Everyone these days is now more used to free shipping & free returns with companies like Amazon Prime. So to provide high quality customer service, you must be willing to reship items for free. That's why it is important to pay a little extra to ensure the item gets there quickly and on time, and with insurance.  You want to maintain a 5-star review, and it's super important to provide good customer service all the way until the customer receives the item and even beyond that. We've sold thousands of physical items on Etsy, and the only time we have had issues with getting the items to arrive on time and without being lost, is when we used the United States Postal Service. Their service is extremely unreliable and they have no accountability since they are a government-run business. So I highly recommend using a slightly more expensive, private-company alternative, like FedEx or UPS. I'm unsure how other companies work outside of the United States, but do your homework on the best shipping company available. Usually, once an item leaves the U.S. it is then passed on to another company within the new country it is being sent to. 


"How do I deal with an angry customer that is not happy with their order once they receive it in the mail?"

For physical items, we have had a handful of unhappy customers. Even though it costs us extra money to fix the problems, it is absolutely crucial to do so in order to maintain a 5-Star rating on your Etsy Shop. What we do is either offer a refund, or reship the item and fix the issue, or give them a 2nd item for free. And we fix the issue as quickly as possible Only about 1% of customers complain about items. And most of the time, they do not want a refund, they want the problem fixed. Sometimes, when the customers complains, or leaves a 1-star review, the customer won't even get back to you because they are too upset. What we do in this case is overnight ship a fixed item to them, even if they don't say anything. Almost always, the customer is so surprised and so happy, that they change their review to a 5-Star review almost immediately. So don't wait to hear back from the customer on "Why" they were unhappy with their order. Just fix it ASAP. This is crucial to continue to get more sales on Etsy, no matter what you sell. 

Should I Renew My Etsy Listings Regularly To Increase Sales?

Etsy Sellers are always asking, "I have heard that renewing my Etsy Listings regularly can help my items show up higher in Etsy Search Results. Is this true?"

I have done numerous experiments with this to see if it was true. In some cases, renewing a listing can definitely bump you up in search results for just a few hours. The problem is, if you do not get the timing just right, then it is ineffective. You can end up spending a ton of money renewing your listings a lot, and see very few results from it. So I personally recommend against renewing your listings very often, if at all. 

Instead of renewing your listings, there are much more effective ways of improving your Etsy Shop in search results, such as fixing your item's Keywords, Design, Listing Description, and placement within your Etsy Shop Home Page. 

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But if you are thinking about trying out Renewing your listings, here are some tips: 

  • For items that are not getting more than 5 Keyword Searches within the last 30 day, try brand new Keywords first instead of promoting the heck out of the item. It may be that your item is showing up in search results, but no one clicks on them because the Keyword does not match your Listing well, or maybe because no one likes the design after all. So always try to fix your keywords first. 
  • Focus on selling your best-selling items more than anything. Make sure their keywords are strong and feel free to renew these listings maybe once per week if they are currently popular. But don't use listing renewals as a normal practice on Etsy. It can often times waste more money than you can make from it. 
  • Promote your items which are currently trending. The more an item gets sold, the more likely it will show up higher in a search results. Sales are much better for Keyword Searches than simply renewing an item. So if you continue to promote your current trending best sellers, then that will help bump up your Listings higher in search results. If you feel like it is doing exceptionally well, then it may be a good time to also do a couple of extra Listing renewals as well.
  • If you renew listings that have not sold for 2 weeks or longer, then you'll just be promoting an item that does not sell well. The best thing you can do with that item is to either improve its design or fix its keywords. But don't renew items that already do not sell well. You'll just be wasting money doing that. 

Overall, do not rely on Listing Renewals to give your Etsy Shop a boost. As always, the 2 most important things you can do on your Etsy Shop is:

  1. Make your Products better by making improving the item's design & photography
  2. Improving your Keywords to match the product you are trying to sell.

What is your experience with renewing listings on Etsy?

Share your experience with selling on Etsy in the comments below.

How Many Etsy Items Should I Have In My Etsy shop?


For a long time, there has been this theory with Etsy Sellers that the more Etsy Items you have, the better. 

I've tested this theory out many times. At one point, we had nearly 1000 listings in our printable art Etsy Shop, Melinda Wood Designs. It brings us in nice amount of income each month. Right now, it gets round 500 Sales per month on average.

But I recently built a brand new Etsy Shop that has only 30 listings. Because I know how to make items people want to buy, within just 2 months of work, this new shop is already bringing in about 250 Sales per month. 

So one shop which has hundreds of listings, is only bringing in twice as many sales as my other shop with just 30 listings! 

So my point is this: It doesn't matter how many Etsy Listings you have.

It really matters that you are making things people want to buy, and that people can easily find those items on Etsy through keyword searches. It's also important to start an Etsy Shop that is not super saturated with thousands of other Sellers. Instead, find things with low competition, but a lot of demand.

What I've found that is more important than anything else is to simply create things that people actually need and want to buy. Then, match those items with simple, clear keywords. 

As long as you do this, it doesn't matter how many Etsy Listings you have. As long as you create things people want to buy right now, then you'll naturally reach a certain number of listings for your Etsy Shop. 

When certain items don't sell at all, then let them expire. Etsy forces items to expire after 4 months if it never sells. You can set this to automatically renew, but I recommend you don't let them renew. Instead, let that item expire. If no one buys the item in 4 months, it typically (but not always) means that item is a total dud. 

Episode 04: Do Etsy Keywords Really Work?

In this Episode, I discuss a topic that keeps a lot of Etsy Sellers up at night. Do Etsy Keywords still work? Can you still find lots of buyers on Etsy, or are all the algorithm changes making it hard to sell on Etsy? In my opinion, and from the experimenting and selling I am doing on Etsy, I think that Keywords are still a good place to find customers, and that there is still tons of opportunity to start or grow your Etsy Shop. I hope this new episode helps you gain a new perspective on Etsy.

The Etsy Handbook, Etsy Videos, Google Analytics, & Mailing Lists

I hope you've been learning a lot about Etsy lately with some real information that is Practical & Helpful. Today, I want to address some recent customer questions as well as updates going on with Etsy, so you have an idea what's going on, and also how to spend your time efficiently on your Etsy Shop, and what to think about for the future that will eventually help your business grow. 


1. The Etsy Seller Handbook
Many of you have asked about the Etsy Handbook.  I have also read most of the Etsy Handbooks and Blogs. I especially read them a lot when I first started my Etsy Shop.  After having read at least 100 different blog posts, I found very little helpful information from these Blog Posts. Most of their Blog Posts are written by Etsy Shop Owners with 100 or 200 Sales, or they are written by Etsy Employees who have absolutely no experience running an Etsy Shop. All of their ideas and comments are theoretical. They are not written from real experience. And because they have no real experience behind them, their tips are almost useless.  You might notice that Etsy keeps saying the same few things:  1) Take Good Photos,  2) Use Social Media to Find New Customers, 3) Keep at it and don't give up! These are decent tips, but they only account for 1% of what you need to do to have a successful Etsy Shop. So don't spend too much time with their Etsy Handbook blog posts. Instead, you need to focus on what actually works, and not take advice from people who don't actually sell on Etsy.


2. The New Etsy Video Tool
Etsy just came out with their new Etsy Video. It's a great idea. But they buried it in the "About" section of everyone's Etsy Shop.  According to Google Analytics, only 1% of the people who visit your Shop Page will view your "About" page.  And, remember, most people will see your Listing pages first through Keyword Searches, and they will only visit your Shop page second!  And most people don't even see your Shop's Home Page in the first place! So really, the total amount of people looking at your About page is more like 0.5% or less.  Because this is so low, there is not really much of an incentive to build a good Etsy Video right now. Making a video takes a lot of time and resources. You are better focusing your efforts where it matters:  Better Products, Better Keywords, and More Optimization.  I think Etsy's Video idea is a great one.  But they put so much emphasis on the "About" page, when - truly - most people just want to see your Products.


3. Google Analytics
This brings me to another topic I have not addressed yet:  Google Analytics.  I use Google Analytics on a weekly basis, but that's because I am getting thousands of views every day.  So, should you set up a Google Analytics account for your Etsy Shop?  Yes!  But, learning how Google Analytics works is a huge, huge project and it has taken me years to get familiar with and understand what to do with that data. We will go over Google Analytics in the future, but it is more of an Advanced Feature that really isn't going to give you value right now. Once you've made at least $10,000 with your Etsy Shop I would then recommend you start taking the time to look more closely with Google Analytics.  However, you should start collecting Google Analytics data as soon as possible, so that when the time comes, you can review all that information at a later date.  Here is how to set up a Google Analytics account and set it up with your Etsy Shop.  I recommend doing this today:


4. Email Newsletters
It's a great idea to gather email addresses and build a list of followers for any business. But it takes a lot of work and time. Early in your Shop, I do not recommend using an Email List. Instead, focus on emailing your customers directly through Etsy.  Offer them coupon codes and other incentives through Etsy.  Perhaps even ask your best customers for their email address to go on a "VIP Customer List"  (This is just one idea of many).  Etsy has done a lot of work on their website to use their own automated Emails, recommended items, and so many other things that you do not have to worry about. However, in the long run, you do want to build an Email List for the health of your online business. The Newsletter platform I highly recommend is MailChimp.  They have some of the easiest and best tools of any Newsletter platform, and it's free for the first 2000 email addresses.  I recommend signing up for a free account, and spend no more than 30 minutes getting familiar with MailChimp.  You should absolutely keep this in mind, but really you need to plan to use this very slowly, over the long term. All your efforts right now should be on your Etsy Shop directly, and then think about building your email list slowly over time.  Sign up for a free MailChimp account here:

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