Customer Service Tips

Good customer service is vital to keep your Etsy Shop alive.  Here are the 5 best things you can do for Customer Service.

1. Respond as fast as possible to customer questions

All customer service research shows that the faster you respond to a customer or client inquiry, the more likely you are to keep that customer and see a sale from them. Many large retailer companies know that responding to a customer inquiry during Live Chat within 60 seconds is crucial. Anything longer than that, and you'll see rapid drop-off for capturing new sales.

Of course, you are a small business and likely cannot manage your Etsy Shop as a full-time job. But it is very important that you respond within 24 hours or less to every single inquiry. I have found that Etsy customer are usually okay with a 24 hour response time. But anything slower than that will clearly mean you'll lose sales and make customers upset.

2. Refund Customers as often as possible when needed

It is very difficult to refund customers when you have a physical product, because you will lose money. But if you get a customer complaint, you need to fix their issue as quickly and professionally as possible. Don't argue with your customers, or make them feel like they did something wrong. Only about 2-3% of customer for any business will make a complaint. But those unhappy customers are the ones that are most likely to also leave you a review. And a perfect 5-star rating is absolutely crucial on Etsy.

I have found that when a customer is unhappy with their purchase, if I fix that issue as quickly as possible and also give them a discount, refund, or an extra item for free, that customer almost always leaves a 5-star review.

A great, real-life example is Starbucks. When Starbucks messes up your coffee drink, they will almost always give you a free drink coupon. A customer starts off very angry, but often leaves happier because they got a free drink out of it. Not only did they keep a customer, but they made their customer even more devoted to their brand. So you need to refund, give coupon codes, fix problems, and make customers happy as often as possible. 

3. Make Sure you have a Perfect 5-Star Rating

This ties into Tip No. 2, but having a 5-Star Etsy Shop is vital to your shop's success. If you have a 4.5-Star Rating, but your competitor has a 5-Star, you are in big trouble. Why would someone by from you, when another shop clearly has better customer service?

When someone leaves you a 1, 2, 3, or 4-Star Rating, you need to respond to them as quickly as possible, and see how you can fix the issue. On top of that, go above and beyond.  Not only fix the customer's problem, but give them a free item to show you are sorry.  I have found that over 50% of unhappy customers will change their review to a 5-Star Review once their issue has been resolved. This is extremely important, and you cannot take your Reviews lightly. 

4. Reward Your Best Customers

On the flip side, reward your best customers with exclusive coupon codes that offer discounts that are higher than your average discount. When a customer leaves you a 5-Star Review and writes an amazing description of why they love your brand and product, those people are clearly your best customers. And you want to keep them coming back. Give as many rewards as possible to your best customers, so that they come back and hopefully give you more 5-Star Reviews. 


5. Give Customers Advice & Tips

Customers are very grateful when you give them tips & advice, even when its not 100% related to the product you sell. When you respond to Customer's needs, even if it does not lead to a sale, you show that you care about your Customers. Treat them like friends, and give them your best advice about your products, or even advice about random questions. You may see them come back with a sale, or they may tell other friends about your Etsy Shop because you gave them great Customer Service. 



Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer