Things to Ignore on Etsy

Etsy is a great platform for selling to the whole world. It is the 35th most visited website in the United States, and the 132nd most visited website in the World. And it has more potential to grow. 

But Etsy can often give you bad advice when it comes to managing your Etsy Shop. Based on a lot of research and experience, here are the Top 5 Things to avoid when using Etsy.

5 Things To Ignore on Etsy

1. Etsy Blogs

Etsy has a lot of Blogs to give you advice about how to run an Etsy Shop.  Probably like you, I have read them as well. And over the past 2 years, I have found that almost all of it is useless advice. The Blog Posts are usually not written by Etsy Shop Owners who have a track record of success. They are usually written by employees of Etsy, who have not actually made any sales. Their ideas are theoretical, and not based on real experience. I highly recommend not wasting much time reading their Blog, except for the occasional Case Study about a real shop that has a lot of sales. The successful Etsy Shop owners are the people you should listen to and study.


2. Etsy Forums

Just like Etsy Blogs, Etsy Forums are full of conversations between people who generally do not run a successful Etsy shop. They may have a couple hundred sales, and feel good about themselves, but the truth is that these people are spending more time chit-chatting on Forums, and not spending that time trying to get more sales. The successful business owners are spending time on their business, not on Forums.


3. Etsy Treasuries

We get featured in at least 10 treasuries per day. Most of them are from other Etsy Shop owners thinking that they will get more attention through Treasuries. The good news is that these Etsy Shop Owners are not your competitors, because they are wasting their time on something that leads to no sales whatsoever. Out of 1,300,000 views we've ever had on our Etsy Shop, only 4,443 views have come from Treasuries.  That is 0.3% of all Traffic we have ever gotten. In summary, do not spend any time thinking about, looking at, or creating Treasuries. 


4. Etsy Shop Updates

This is a new feature from Etsy that allows Shop Owners to post visual updates about their Shop through the Etsy Seller App. It's a great idea, and something that may end up being a good tool in the future. But after doing several tests, trials, errors, and studies, we have found that it does not lead to much traffic right now. Probably because it's so new that Etsy users are still looking at Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook for social media inspiration. Keep this feature in mind, and try it out a few times. But don't spend much time on it, as it seems to be a bad use of your time and resources. Using good Keywords are still a much better way to get people to your Shop. 


5. Etsy Favorites (Both Good & Bad)

Etsy Favorites are clearly not a bad tool for customers.  When an Etsy Shopper is looking for items they like, it's easy for them to add an item to their Favorites to save for later. However, Favorites do not lead directly to sales. Some of our best-selling items have very few favorites. And only 2% of our Etsy Traffic comes from views deriving from someone's Favorite List.  Instead of thinking about Favorites, worry more about Views. Views are a much more important indicator of how successful your item is, because it means someone actually took the time to look at your item closely. Etsy users can "Favorite" an item very quickly without ever actually looking at the item. That is why some Etsy shops only have 500 Sales, but they have 10,000 Followers. Their products look great and seem inspiring, but no one actually buys them. But the more people view your items and shop pages, the higher chances you have of getting a sale.  So do not ignore Favorites altogether, but don't spend too much time over-analyzing them either.


2 Items to do & think about this week

  1. Spend more time working directly on your Etsy Shop, and less time thinking about Etsy Treasuries & Forums.
  2. Look at your Etsy Shop Stats and see where your traffic is coming from. The areas that are getting you the most traffic, the more time you should spend on them. For instance, below is a chart of all of our Etsy traffic.  62% of all traffic to and within our Etsy Shop occur within the Shop, Other Listings, and Etsy Searches. That's where the action is happening. More on this in an upcoming post!

Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer