4 Things To Sell On Etsy In January 2019

In December, almost all purchasing has to do with gifts, or Christmas decor, or other holiday and seasonal items. But right when Christmas ends, people slowly shift back into what they were doing before all the Holiday activities. As soon as New Years Day arrives, people will get back to their normal family and personal routines. But, in addition, most people think about their goals, ideas, and dreams for 2018. 

In January, the following 4 categories tend to do very well, and sometimes last for several months later. 

1. Fitness, Healthy Food, and Clean Living
Most people gain a few pounds in December, so January is the perfect time to focus on getting back in shape and pursuing healthier eating habits. In fact, January is the #1 month of the entire year for healthy living, diets and improved fitness, even more than the Summer time when people spend more time outdoors. This trend drastically falls away by February.

2. Wedding Planning, Baby Showers, Birthdays and Anniversaries
The Holidays take away from a lot of normal yearly activities, like birthdays and baby showers. In addition, a lot of marriage proposals are done during the Holidays as it's a more romantic time of year, which means Wedding Planning starts in January. Most Weddings occur between May and October, which means anything wedding-related or Anniversary-related will start in January and gradually pick up all the way until October. So January is the perfect time to start planning and creating items for all these categories.

3. Home Decor, Furniture, Storage, and Organization
In December, most people spend their money on holiday decor and Christmas gifting. Once all of that is over, a lot of families take a deep breath and purge all of that focus on the Holidays by renewing their normal home activities and updating their decor, furniture, and other household items. This trend typically begins in January, and slowly declines until the summer when most people take big vacations. As September hits, summer vacations end, the focus tends to be on "Back To School" which is quickly followed by Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. So home decor, interior design, and home organization is typically the most popular from January to May.

4. Back To School, Calendars, Planners, Learn A New Skill, Start A Business
We typically also get this around August & September when the school year hits, but January feels very similar in the sense that most kids go back to school, and a lot of adults start thinking about their goals for the year, like starting a business, taking their own classes, and planning out their future. These topics tend to do well in August, but they can often be big hits in January as well. 

No matter what you sell on Etsy, it is important to re-think your selling strategy to take advantage of trends and seasonal changes to help your Etsy Shop grow to reach new customers, and expand into new categories. Don't just keep doing the same thing over and over. Instead, expand into new areas that can help you make selling on Etsy your full time job.

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Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer