Wholesaling Physical Items

For most businesses, there is an initial temptation to want to sell everywhere you can possibly get your products. 

Personally, I highly recommend not doing Wholesale if you can avoid it.  If your item is $100, it costs you $10 to make, and you sell it all the time and you make $90 each time you sell it, then for wholesale, they will probably want to sell the item for $50, and you'll make only $40 on each item.  That's a lot less money to make. Wholesale is great for mass-produced items like Coca-Cola, and Pens, and Books. But if you are hand-making each item, you cannot afford to do Wholesale, which is why I think it's funny that Etsy even has a Wholesale option on their website if they want to promote handmade items. So I highly encourage you to stay away from Wholesale, unless you are mass-producing your items. 

Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer