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My hope is that you will learn a lot of valuable information on how to build and grow a successful Etsy Shop which builds and ships physical items. Running an Etsy Shop which sells physical items is incredibly difficult. It requires tons of time, resources, management, and planning and is - in my opinion - about 100 times more difficult than running a digital download shop on Etsy.

Our Etsy Shop, Melinda Wood Designs has had over 30,000 Sales.  What's great about selling digital items, is that as soon as you finish a design, you can sell an infinite amount of digital items without having to re-create that item again and again. But the downside to selling digital downloads is that just about anyone can copy, steal, and resell your digital items to other people. We've seen hundreds of Etsy Shops literally take our designs and resell them on Etsy and on other websites around the world.

So the best thing about running a Physical Shop on Etsy is that you can build your own brand that no one else can have. You will have a lot more control and ownership over a physical shop on Etsy. And your knowledge of building your physical items - such as designing, sourcing materials, production, and shipping - will be incredibly invaluable, and no one will be able to steal that away from you. 

Whether you are already selling physical items on Etsy, or you're just getting started, my hope is that this guide will help you improve and perfect how you create a business that sells physical items. It's a lot of hard work and a huge time commitment to build a successful shop over time. But if you're passionate about what you do, and you love to learn how to get better at your craft and love selling and being a business person, then you have the potential to be very successful.

Justin Wood

Minimalist Website Designer