I love it when someone tells me that they want to start their own business for the first time.

If someone tells me they've been thinking of starting their own business, I give them a hundreds reasons why that is a fantastic idea and a thousand other things they can use to get started. And I usually just overwhelm them with information and scare them away. 

To me, starting a new business is exciting. It gets me up in the morning. I love create ideas, and I especially love it when fathers and mothers want to start a business that enables them to better take care of their kids. With two sons of our own, and one of them with severe disabilities, it is more important than ever to create sustainable businesses that can bring in reliable income to help support everyone in our family.

So when my wife, Melinda, told me in our 3rd month of marriage, which was March of 2010, that she always wanted to sell jewelry, I wanted to get started right away. 

The problem was that I had no clue about how to sell Jewelry, I had no understanding of SEO or keywords, or how to sell on Etsy or anything like that. But we tried to figure out how to do it anyway. And in June of 2013, Melinda got her first sale. At the time, we called it 'Melinda Jewelry.' 

After tons of failures and a few successes, we've figured out how to master building your dream business on Etsy. And, for me, it's very exciting to help you figure out how to do the same thing we have with your own talents and interests. 

So I wrote a book, it's about 36 pages long, and it's free for you to read to help you get started. I mostly go over our story, our successes and failures, but also about Etsy Keywords, marketing, and so much more about selling on Etsy. So I hope you'll download it today and get reading immediately.


Justin Page Wood

Waco, Texas