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We help creative families & designers to get found on Etsy through e-books & online workshops so they can grow their own small business from home.


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At the heart of Etsy is keywords and SEO. Learn how to choose the right keywords and get found on Etsy.

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For competitive categories in Etsy, Promoted Listings is essential. Learn the most effective ways to promote your items with Etsy ads.


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Shauna Smith Designs

"Even as an established Etsy seller I've been STUMPED by Etsy's Promoted Listings! - I've used them for about a year now, but could never figure out exactly which listings to promote... I took a shot and ordered this e-book and it was AMAZING!"


Jan Fagan Art

"I found this to be extremely helpful and even time saving! I'm glad I read this before I go any further with setting up some of my digital work! Thank you."



Chelons Chatty Walls

"These books are soo incredibly helpful. Thank y'all so much for your continued support through email. I truly appreciate it!"


Southern Grace

"This husband/wife team really know their stuff, and they share this knowledge in a way that is easy to read and understand. I've been successful selling on Etsy for 2 1/2 years, yet I found myself thinking, "I didn't know that!" multiple times."


Designs By Ive

"Thank God I found this couple. I have bought 2 of their courses and I have been implementing their suggestions, and little by little I am seeing the changes."


Designs For Makers

"Thank you for your amazing newsletters, I get much more out of them than any other resource."


Bing Art

"Really informative and helpful. It was great to get clarity on how Promoted Listings work and how to best use them to grow my sales :) Thanks so much!"


Debby Neal

"This tutorial was fantastic. Great info on what to do AND what not to do. Very clear and easy to understand. Highly recommend. I will be purchasing more! Great job Melinda Wood!"


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