Etsy Shop Ideas For Fall & Winter 2017

There is nothing complex about selling on Etsy. All you have to do is figure out what people want to buy, and use the right keywords to help them find it. 

If you're just getting started on Etsy, you're in a great position to start making and selling items that people want to buy right now. Since we're almost in October of 2017, it's the very start of people buying for Thanksgiving, Christmas and the Holidays.

The first thing you want to do is look at some of the current Top Etsy Shops, and current best selling items in Etsy. The best way to do that is to look at Etsy is letting us know about the top trending keyword searches. To do this, simply click into the "Search Bar" on and wait a second for this to load. From there, you should see something pop up like this below.

Under "Popular Right Now" are the top items that people are searching for in Etsy, and this is a great start to see what the best items to sell on Etsy are for 2017. From here, look for some keywords that appeal to you, which are things that you can easily make on your own, or if you have a skill in making. 

Once you click on one of these keywords, you'll be able to see how many people are selling these items and how much competition there is. I personally have an interest in "vertical gardens", so I'll see what is going on with that keyword.

From there, I am going to look at how many results I get for the keyword "Vertical Garden." If you look below, you'll see how many results Etsy has for that keyword. In this case, there are only 2,021 results for that particular keyword.

From my experience, any keyword that has less than 10,000 Results is something that you have a chance to do well in. If a particular keyword has a lot more results, such as 100,000 Results or more, then it is going to be very hard to compete in that Category. 

For instance, a Popular item to sell on Etsy is "Printable Art." But if I do a keyword search for "Printable Art", there are over 700,000 results in that category, which means it is extremely difficult to rank for that keyword and it is way too competitive if you are just getting started. 

Once you find the right keyword that you are interested in, look at which shops seem to be doing very well and getting lots of sales. If you see 2 or 3 shops which have a couple thousands sales selling something similar, there is likely a lot of interest in that item, but not too much competition.

So you want to find the following criteria when searching for new Etsy Shop Ideas:

  • A keyword or keyword combination that is currently trending, according to Etsy
  • Once you look at that keywords, you see 10,000 results or less
  • You are able to find 2 or 3 Etsy Shops which have had a lot of success selling that item

Once you are able to find that out, you are likely in the right place for getting started with an Etsy Shop product.

Continue to look for new ideas that you can make on Etsy. A lot of successful Etsy Shops get used to selling the same Etsy Items over and over, and see their sales go down. So never stop looking for new Opportunities on Etsy. 

Here's How To Find Out What You Should Sell On Etsy

If you are struggling to figure out what to sell on Etsy for the first time, or if you need to take your Etsy Shop in a brand new direction because Sales are slowing down, here is the best way I know how to figure out what you should be selling on Etsy. 

It is super easy to figure out, and you don't need any expensive tools to do it. Simply look at the keywords on Etsy which are currently trending. Then find a few good examples of other Etsy Sellers that are getting reviews on their products and figure out why people want to buy those particular items. Then, if you are able to quickly make something similar, and the item is something you feel like you would enjoy making or that you are talented at creating, then there is likely a big opportunity in making that product.

 This is the easiest way I know to stay relevant on Etsy and to keep making stuff that other people want to buy. 

How To Use Etsy Promoted Listings

Etsy's Promoted Listings is just one more way to bring more people to your Etsy Shop. In addition to Etsy Ads, you want to bring people in through good keywords, social media marketing, and you own marketing efforts offline. But in order to create monthly stability, Promoted Listings helps you bring some extra sustainable income through your Etsy Shop. 

In the following video, I go over some of the basics on how to use Promoted Listings by looking at your best sellers, then promoting them with the right Max Cost Per Click, and ensuring that you maintain a good conversion rate for each Etsy Listing. 

Did Your Etsy Sales Stop All Of A Sudden in 2017?

Lots of Etsy Sellers are saying that their sales have dropped dramatically in 2017. Ours have dropped as well since the beginning of January 2017, almost cut in half from the previous year, which is a horrible feeling and has definitely given me moments of panic.

I have thought this through, and I think there are 2 big issues here. One is that since Etsy keeps making changes to how their platform works, it's going to make things better or worse constantly for different Etsy Sellers at different times. The other issue is that relying on Etsy as your only place to sell and make money is a risky way to do business.

I still believe Etsy is a great place to sell handmade stuff. There are tons of buyers out there, the platform is super easy to use and get started, and there is tons of potential.

So in light of these issues, here's what I recommend doing:

  1. Focus on growing your business as big as possible, in as many places as possible, with a variety of products. Don't rely just on Etsy, and don't rely on just one "Category" within Etsy. Build your own website, gather email addresses, build social media, sell locally, develop more products, and keep growing. 
  2. Think of Etsy as your primary tool for experimenting. There are millions of shoppers on Etsy, and you can sell all over the world. Once you experiment and figure out a business concept on Etsy, push further and look beyond your core products, as well as look beyond Etsy to see where else you can start selling your products.
  3. Don't give up on Etsy entirely. I hear that sentiment a lot from Etsy Sellers, but there is so much opportunity there. Stick with it, but grow to other places as well. 

One thing I am learning right now is to develop a range of products. If one market is oversaturated, or people no longer have an interest in it, if you expand your product line, you can prevent large drops in Views & Sales. For instance, if you make leather handbags, consider expanding your products to other similar items, like leather wallets, purses, fashion accessories, belts, or other leather products. This way, you'll reach more customers, be able to use a larger range of keywords, and you'll prevent huge swings in Sales as Etsy changes their platform, or as seasonal changes occur.

You might want to be a sole business owner and entrepreneur because you want the flexibility to do what you love. But if your income relies solely on one place, in one source - you are just as vulnerable as an employee losing their own job one day. If you get fired, you have to find a whole new job somewhere else. Selling your products on just one platform, with one kind of product, is just like being an employee. One day, it could all disappear. 

So focus on building a company by building a brand and selling more than just 1 kind of product. That way, as they economy changes, and as the online marketplace changes, you can easily adapt and find new opportunities. You just must find a way to continue to survive, grow and dominate as a business person. 

Have questions? Leave a comment below. Visit our Etsy Shop here.

Being Both Efficient & Business-Savvy as an Etsy Artist

Whether you make physical or digital products on Etsy, it is absolutely crucial to be efficient with your time. 

Lately, I have been hearing from Etsy Shops who make lots of different items. And, as an artist on Etsy, of course you are going to love creating and designing all the time.

But most artists & designers have a big problem. They have a hard time being practical and running a business, they often are perfectionists or idealistic, and they are rarely efficient with their time. 

I struggled with this for years and years before I started my Etsy Shop. I wanted to be an artist, and I held myself to a certain standard. The problem, though, was that I barely got any sales or any views on Etsy. It took me years to get over this, but I had to become equally an artist and a business person at the same time. 

So, here are some important things you need to consider and get over as an Etsy Seller, especially if you are just starting out an have very few sales: 


Be Efficient With Your Time
If you are constantly making new designs, just for the fun of it, and you are not standardizing your designs, sourcing materials from the same place, and not simplifying how you are making items, then you are really just a hobbyist. There is no point it trying to run an Etsy Shop to make money, if you're just doing it for fun. Either make your items for fun and give them away, or start thinking like a business person and get serious. Figure out your best sellers, standardized your process, figure out a budget, and make sure to make a profit of off each item you sell. 


Standardize Your Designs & Simplify Your Process
It's very inefficient to keep making new designs all the time, and not keep your best sellers. You absolutely need to keep improving your items, and make stuff that lots of people like. Otherwise, you wont make a lot of money, you will waste lots of time, and get burnt out.  This is super important if you want a succesful business - especially in jewelry.  If you were selling $1000 paintings one-of-a-kind, then it makes sense financially. But you are making inexpensive jewelry for $15-30.  If you look at all the most successful companies making items for $15-30 each, they mass-produce their items. You need to use your time wisely, get good at making items quickly, and figure out what sells a lot and takes very little time to make, but still good quality.  


Make Stuff That People Want To Buy - Don't Be Too Artistic, but Don't Be Too Boring
It's fun to be artsy, creative, interesting, and unique, but it doesn't really matter if only you like it. It needs to be something that other people like too.  Which



Bad Customer Service Will Kill Your Etsy Shop

Have you ever been to a restaurant where they constantly messed up your order?  They provided bad service, the food was awful, and nothing went well? 

I recently had that experience when my family went to a brand new restaurant in town. We wanted to try it out for fun. But the food took forever to come out, and once it came out they messed up our order and had to remake the food all over again. On top of that, the new staff was very unprofessional.

All the manager could say to us was that they were so sorry, and that next time they would get it right. 

"Next time? There won't be a next time." 

Where we live in California, there are hundreds of restaurants to choose from. Why would we come back to this restaurant when there are so many other places where we had a good experience. It would be a waste of our time to come back to this place, when all they could say was sorry. 

But they could have kept us as a customer if they had just put in a little effort, and made the  "Here is a free dessert. Come back again for another meal on us." At least something to make us forget out bad experience and forget that we never want to come back again. 

Starbucks does this. If they mess up your order, they fix it as fast as possible, and on top of that, they give you a free drink for your next visit - and they make it however you want. So instead of leaving unhappy, their customers actually leave a little happier than they would have been, because their experience was improved.

If you do not fix your customer's bad experiences, and make it better, then your Etsy Shop will die. Why would Etsy Customers want to come back to your Etsy Shop when there are literally millions of other shops on Etsy to choose from? 

This is probably the most important thing you can do to set yourself apart from every other business. Good customer service makes or breaks a business every single time. There are not a lot of businesses that provide excellent customer service, and I can only think of a few:  Apple, Starbucks, Zappos. But those are some of the most successful companies in the world. And people keep coming back because the experience is so much better than every other company out there. 

So sit back and think about your Etsy Shop's customer service. Do you go above and beyond? Do you do everything you can think of to make their experience better than all the other Etsy Shops? Here are some things to consider:

  • Do your Etsy Items need instructions to use? Do you provide instructions, or something to make your customers