Etsy Expert Course


Etsy Expert Course

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Reserve your space for the 2017 Etsy Expert course. Only 10 Etsy Sellers will get access to this course during the month of January.

Class Begins: January 15th
Length: Approximately 6 weeks, study at your own pace
Effort: Recommended 30 minutes per day
Language: English

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Expert Topics Covered

Customer Profiling
Shop Optimization
Customer Service
Price Testing
Product Development
Conversion Rates
Promoted Listings
Google Analytics
Digital Etsy Shop Strategies
Physical Etsy Shop & Shipping Strategies

Course Includes:

  • Step-by-step videos
  • PDF and text documents for your records
  • Course work and daily lesson plans for just 30 minutes per day
  • Ask questions at any time on any Etsy Topic

The course content will be available on January 15th. Study at your own pace. On average, it takes about 6 weeks to complete the entire course.